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Keep Your Home Office Organized For Optimum Function

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To feel good in the home office, good lighting and ventilation are critical, avoiding eye or breathing problems. It is important that the work environment has a window that illuminates and contributes to the air circulation. Light from the window should not illuminate directly on the desk so as not to cause visual discomfort or damage to equipment such as the computer. You need to keep your home office well maintained. You don’t want any issues with electricals, or the heating systems. Therefore you should look at keeping the number of a calec commercial electrician nearby.

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If the environment is well lit, artificial lights should be provided and care should be taken that the direction of these bulbs does not cause discomfort. The cold white light causes nervousness and unrest for those below it. And depending on your focus makes it difficult to even read on paper. The choice of colors also has a great influence on the lighting and sense of space of the environment, so the neutral shades are the most useful. Candy colors, pastel colors are in high fashion and decoration.


Choosing a good desktop is very important in order to avoid back problems or problems in the upper limbs like recurring stress injuries. The work area should have enough space for both documents and other work objects to place themselves comfortably in front of it. Items like keyboards, mice and computer screens have proper postures that prevent muscle and skeletal disorders: the keyboard should be at a height that allows the elbow to bend at a right angle; The mouse rests on the same surface of the keyboard to reduce the tension required to move the arm towards it; And the monitor that is 45 to 70 inches away from the eyes and the line of sight of the person sitting with good posture.

Notebook users, if they do this for many hours, should also consider keeping a desk and using this equipment in the same way as a regular computer, provide an external keyboard and mouse, position them independently of the screen and also maintain heights and distances. That prevents health problems. To make the work environment more enjoyable, look for ergonomic products, but also with a design and colors that provide a livelihood for everyday life.

Storage and organization

Environmentally customizable choices should be functional to your routine and according to who you are. Those who need a calm and serious space should keep their belongings in drawers and cabinets, while those who need inspiration and maintain creativity should use display panels and open shelves, for example. For a home office with the structure of the manufacturers organization for locating objects according to needs and priorities is the most important. Getting rid of garbage every day and saving files and records with only necessary documents is critical.

Using channels, cable organizers or nylon or velcro cable ties to hide equipment wires is also a sign of good organization. Performing good organizational procedures and adapting them to your taste in everything related to design and decorations is the best way to win the dream home office.

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