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5 Creative DIY Craft kits to Make Your Home Stunning

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We all love wooden 3D puzzles and DIY craft kits for the challenge and fun they bring while building them. But, many of the best have secondary purposes as beautiful pieces of home decor. Once complete, we can show them off proudly and appreciate their aesthetics.

Robotime puzzle kits are so well-designed and structurally sound that you can enjoy them from all angles for years to come. They make great focal points and conversation starters with friends. They also come in a range of different styles and functions. While some are understated and purely decorative, others can light up, employ working mechanisms, and even burst into song. Here are five of the best puzzle kits built for interior design.

1) Rolife Lights Tower Bridge & Big Ben 3D Wooden Puzzles

First, we have this highly decorative display piece that will look great in any home. You get two models in this set, both with the theme of London architecture. These models capture the impressive structures of Tower Bridge and Big Ben via precise details and soft LED lighting. The section of the Houses of Parliament shows the Elizabeth Tower clock face from all sides, while the bridge even divides, just like the real thing. They are perfect for any couple looking for a memento of a great vacation or any family that once called London home.

2) ROKR Romantic Note Wall Clock Mechanical Gear 3D Wooden Puzzle

Perhaps you would prefer a piece of wall-hanging home decoration instead. This 3D wooden puzzle turns into a beautiful working clock, complete with all the mechanisms, hands, and pendulum. Builders can take their time with the details of cogs and wheels before assembling the decorative features around the clock face. The romantic use of scrolling, roman numerals, and floral elements combine to create something stylish. Visitors will be forgiven for mistaking it for an antique with those blue and pick tones.

3) ROKR DIY Classic Gramophone Puzzle

Next up is a DIY kit for a decoration for musical families. A lot of us will have a music system at home and maybe a vinyl collection. But how many have a working gramophone on display? That is what you can build with this unique puzzle. There are two main components to this build. There is the mechanism base, with its handle to turn the turntable. Then there is the stylish phone to carry the sound. It is based on the one invented by Thomas Edison and comes with a record with three songs, making it even more of a conversation starter with guests.

4) ROKR The Globe Model Wooden 3D Puzzle

Another great focal point for a living room is a globe. This kit lets you build a small version from wood, with some of the pieces a beautiful blue to separate land from the ocean. The world sits on its axis with carefully carved continents stretching all around. The base is equally decorative with a classical design of columns and wonders of the world. As a puzzle, it is also more challenging than it looks, as there is a secret drawer to install, and the Earth rotates when assembled correctly.

5) ROKR Victorian Lantern Mechanical Music Box

Finally, we have another musical home decoration. This one is more subtle than the gramophone. There the music-playing functions were obvious. Here, they are hidden within a very sweet Victorian lantern. Guests can appreciate the beauty in the design of this model, thanks to the cut-out piece and fine printing on the panels. Then, you can surprise them with the lantern’s song – You Light Up My Life. If that wasn’t enough, you can also add an LED light to the lantern, so it glows throughout the evening.

Enhance Your Home Decor Via A Detailed Wooden 3D Puzzle

There are lots of great DIY craft kits that will stand the test of time as pieces of home decoration. Whether you want something minimalist to sit in a display case or on a side table, a pretty wall-hanging piece, or something far showier as a centerpiece, there is something for everyone. Enjoy building these impressive 3D structures with your family and see how they transform your home.

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