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How To Get Your Peers To Respect You At Work

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Getting respect from peers at work is challenging. We live in a competitive world and most people are gunning for the same positions. 

The key here, though, is to recognize that not everyone has the same mindset. While people might want to have the respect of their peers, a lot of people aren’t cut out to achieve it. 

Moreover, there are a group of people at your work who are even less sophisticated. They don’t know there is a methodology to winning respect, trust, and adoration from your peers. They believe it happens by luck or chance, not by taking the right actions. 

If you want to get your peers to respect you at work, this post will help. We take a look at some of the methods you can use to win their support and get that promotion you’ve been looking for. 

Dress Right

Like it or not, how you dress impacts how people perceive you. If you get your corporate clothing right, you’ll find it a little easier to get to the top. 

When it comes to dress, do the right amount. Try to dress a little nicer than everyone else, but don’t dress up to the point where you look out of place. Aim for a balance and view what you wear as something strategic, not personal. 

Always Meet Deadlines

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Don’t be one of those people who miss deadlines. Always make sure you get the work done ahead of time. Become someone that senior management can rely on. They should reward you in time. 

Think Carefully About How You Reward People

Don’t assume that “money talks” or that it’s the only thing that matters in the office. Most workers are looking for more than a paycheck from you at the end of the month. 

Always explore the full range of employee rewards available to you. Better yet, give team members the specific incentives they want. Don’t force free yoga practice on everyone if what they really want is discounted meals at their local steakhouse. 

Make Friends With People Who Matter

You can make friends with anyone in the office. But the people you really want to target are the popular individuals: those with connections higher up who everyone else respects. Getting in with the right crowd can help some of their shine rub off on you. 

Be Someone Who Facilitates Networking

The people who really know how to network aren’t those who try to garner the attention of the high and mighty. Instead, they are the people who foster connections between people. They understand the value of networking for others, and are always at the centre of things, managing them behind the scenes. Ideally, you want to be this individual. And that means talking to as many people as you can daily, finding out about them, and learning what they want. 

Stop Using The Word “I”

Lastly, reduce how much you use the word “I.” Replace it with a focus on serving others. Make them the center of attention, not you. 

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