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5 Must Do Family Activities in Phuket

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It is always a good idea to plan a family vacation, especially in a foreign land where you and yours can spend more time together, bonding and simply enjoying these precious moments before the kids are on their way to becoming adults. Phuket is hot on every traveller’s list, and it’s not just backpackers who find it enticing; who wouldn’t like a bit of fun under the sun, rolling around on powdery-white sand building sand castles, playing and splashing in the azure waters of the ocean, or lathering on that SPF and getting your tan on? There is plenty you can do even while travelling with children to really make the most of your time in Thailand. Here we have a list of especially fun and catered family activities in Phuket that you can enjoy with your kids and the best part – they will love you for it!

Have fun with wild animals!  

child riding on an elephant in the junge

The fact of the matter is: Kids love animals! You can put them in front of an animal as dangerous as a lion, and they’ll be smiling, giggling, and squealing at the poor beast. Phuket has so much to offer in this regard; from the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary to Monkey Hill, kids will have a blast interacting with these majestic creatures. The Elephant Sanctuary even offers them a chance to meet with and feed the elephants and observe the animals in their natural habitat. Amid all the fun, it is a good experience for the kids to pick up a thing or two about conservation efforts!

Beach Day for the family!

beahc in phuket with green sea and blue skies

When in Phuket, your senses will inadvertently guide you to its white sandy beaches where kids can play without fear of getting hurt. The water is cool and refreshing; good for a swim. Some of the beaches like Kamala beach and Patong beach offer plenty of activities for kids such as the very exciting water skiing and flyboard! There are amenities and eateries within walkable distance so you don’t have to fret and the little ones will have a ball flying through the air and cutting through water – all under adult and parent supervision, of course.

Spend a day on an island excursion observing marine life, swimming with the fish, snorkelling, and discovering stunning viewpoints for panoramic views!

Rent out a private family villa!

a villa in phuket next to an infinity pool with mountains in the distance

There’s nothing more exciting than booking a family villa for your loved ones with the ocean right at your doorstep. As you open those antique wooden doors wide, all you see is vast stretches of glistening white sand and dazzling water available exclusively for you. You can easily explore and rent out a family villa suitable for your family that not only provides child-friendly amenities such as babysitting, pool fence, high chairs, and kids’ activities but are also conveniently located near supermarkets, restaurants, and other important landmarks.

Indulge in kid-friendly adventures!

two girls playing in a small swimming pool in phuket passing a blue ball between them

The trip is as much for you as it is for the kids and Phuket is just the place for it. With a plethora of activities that involve kids and parents making it easier for you to observe them and have some fun at the same time! Ziplining at the Jungle Xtreme Adventure Park, Zorbing at Rollerball, or multiple thrilling rides at Splash Jungle Water Park are only a few of many places that offer excellent activities for children to keep them engaged and fulfilled. Rest assured, they will be too tired by the end of the day and so you’ll definitely have some time to yourself!

Visiting the Big Buddha!

the big buddha in phuket with cloudy skies behind him

Travel is as much about learning as it is about having fun and if your kids can also get acquainted with the culture and tradition of a place as majestic and splendid as Phuket, then you’re all the better for it. The Big Buddha statue fashioned out of concrete and white marble stands tall at 45 metres on Nakkerd Hill offering an experience you won’t soon forget.

As the sky is awash with a myriad of colours and cotton-candy clouds and the lush greens shine bright under the sun you’re in for one of the most mesmerising sights of your lives. Definitely the best spot for a family photo!

What are your favourite family activities in Phuket?

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