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5 Reasons to Visit Canada

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Thinking about your next trip abroad? It feels like it’s been forever since we’ve been able to think about travelling abroad. But, with the UK’s roadmap out of lockdown in full swing, I know lots of people are tentatively starting to think about their next holiday. So, where to? One place we’ve never been, but have always wanted to travel to, is Canada. We’ve recently been looking at looking at Canada holiday packages. Here are my top 5 reasons for wanting to visit Canada and hopefully, come 2022, we will be able to think more actively about planning a trip there…

The people

I have met hundreds of Canadians over the years, and there’s never been once I didn’t like. The people of Canada are notoriously friendly and kind and it’s one of the biggest reasons we have for wanting to get across the pond and visit our North American friends.

The cities

Canada is such a vast country that it offers such a diverse culture among its amazing list of cities. We’d love to visit Canada’s most populous city of Toronto, take in the scenic sights of Vancouver or practise speaking French in the historic city of Quebec. Canada has something for everyone and we can’t wait to share its rich culture with our children.

The food

We are huge foodies and one thing that drives our desire to visit Canada is it’s foodie reputation. Along the Pacific coast enjoy delicious seafood, craft beer and local wine. On the Prairie Provinces enjoy barley-fed steak, and whilst you’re in Toronto feast upon Canada’s iconic staple – poutine.

There is something for every taste bud in Canada.

The scenery

Famous for being the home of Niagara Falls, this isn’t all you can find in Canada’s incredible scenery. From stunning coastlines, sprawling prairies, imposing mountains to vast metropolitan cities, Canada has it all. Take in the soaring mountain peaks, verdant forests and glistening glacial lakes during a road trip or jump on a Greyhound and flit from city to city. The options are truly endless.

The uniqueness

Already been to America and think Canada is one and the same? You couldn’t be more wrong! Canada is totally unique and that’s what makes it somewhere we are desperate to travel to! With its own unique culture, incredible restaurants showcasing its foodie reputation and stunning scenery you won’t find anywhere else in the world, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to actually get over to Canada!

What do you love about Canada?

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