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5 Tips and Strategies to Help You Quit Smoking for Good

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Are you planning on quitting smoking for good? Congratulations, you have made the best decision for your health. A report by the American Lung Cancer Association states that smoking has become one of the leading causes of deaths, with approximately 480,000 registered deaths per year. 

Numerous medical conditions like cancer, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases arise from smoking. Your body starts healing itself shortly after you quit smoking. So, the sooner you start quitting, the greater the benefits to your health.

Maybe you’ve tried looking for permanent freedom from the nicotine addiction a couple of times before, but the effort seems futile. This time we want this quit-smoking attempt to be the one that lasts for a lifetime. So, we’ve come up with the best strategies and tips that will help you quit smoking for good. Learning the dos and don’ts as you try to quit smoking will ensure your plans become a success. 

  1. Consider Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

Nicotine replacement therapy, or NRT, is a treatment to help smokers to stop smoking. A lot of toxins are present in smoking. This therapy uses low-in nicotine products that do not contain the toxins found in smoking. The main goal when using NRT’s is to cut down the nicotine cravings and ease the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. 

NRT’s are administered in several forms. They include the nicotine patch, gum, lozenge, nasal spray and inhaler. All these administration forms have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, making them safe to use. Make sure you get a doctor’s prescription on how to use any of the NRT medication. 

  1. Avoid Alcohol.

Alcohol makes it harder to quit smoking since it lowers your inhibitions. When drinking, it’s much easier to reach out for a cigarette than to hold off. A report done by Dr Steve Schroeder, a professor in the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center, suggests that alcohol acts on the brain receptors to accelerate the cravings to smoke. 

If you want to drink still as you try to quit smoking, go to a smoke-free pub. You can also try to go alcohol-free first for a couple of weeks. Going alcohol-free at first is effective since you’ll be able to deal with any triggers that make you want to smoke. 

  1. Vape.

Just like NRT’s, vaping, also referred to as smoking e-cigarettes, is a way of quitting smoking by getting the nicotine your body is craving with fewer toxins than traditional smoking methods.  Although e-cigarettes have yet to be approved by the Food and Drug Association, they are considered less harmful than cigarettes, and have proven to be a very effective way to quit smoking. Unlike traditional smoking, vaping leaves no odour, allowing for more discrete use. Vaping is also more economical as vapes are reusable. You do want to ensure you invest in a reliable vape sold by a company you can trust. Check out the vaporizers at Zamnesia offers a wide range of trusted products at affordable prices. 

E-cigarettes use e-liquids to create the vape and come in a huge range of flavours. You can now even buy shortfill e liquid which allows you to fully tailor your own vaping experience by getting your e-liquid exactly how you like it. Shortfills are intentionally filled to only 80% so the rest of the liquid can be topped up with nic shots. They come in a range of flavours including bubblegum and peppermint. Yummy!

  1. Clean.

Clearing the smoke smell out of your car and house plays a significant role in helping you quit smoking. Start cleaning the house by emptying and disposing of the ashtrays and focusing on cleaning the mats and carpets-consider with them professionally and thoroughly cleaned by your local Home Depot. 

For your car, consider cleaning the seats and vacuuming. Unfortunately, there are times when the smell is so vital to steam clean. Instead, you can reupholster your car seats with new covering fabric. It may cost you a lot, but it’s worth it. 

  1. Ask for Help.

There are several ways you can get help while trying to quit smoking. Loved ones will always be there to help. When you feel like giving in to the nicotine, you can call a friend who will talk you through the trying moment. You can also try self-help material, support services and counselling services. 

Consider joining other smokers who are also trying to quit. Joining other smokers will not only give you moral support but also make the quitting process more manageable. If worse comes to worst, there are support institutes that have come up with smoke-free websites, smoking helplines and social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which you can contact. 

Remember, you’re not alone. 


Quitting smoking will not only benefit you but also benefit those around you. You’ll lower your risk of suffering from other cancers of the pancreas, cervix, liver, stomach, colon and rectum. 

The people who happen to be around you as you smoke are called passive or secondhand smokers. Passive smokers are also exposed to greater risks like cardiovascular diseases that cause stroke and coronary heart disease. As a result of passive smoking, 34,000 premature deaths are reported each year in the US alone.

The above reasons should powerfully convince you why you should quit smoking. To make it easier for you, consider the strategies and tips we’ve discussed above. 

Share this post with your friends!