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5 stunning modern bathroom features

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If your bathroom feels a little outdated and dull, you may be looking for alternative styles and fixtures to keep up with modern advancements and looks. But what’s available these days, and how can they provide you with added practicality and style at the same time?

Below are 5 of the most exciting modern bathroom features to transform your space into the perfect blend of convenience and class. 

Freestanding baths 

Freestanding bathtubs are perhaps the most luxurious and stylish modern fixtures you can have in your bathroom. They can be crafted to your specific tastes and needs, and they’re an eye-catching option for the centrepiece of your entire bathroom. 

Brands like Lusso Stone are experts at cultivating stunning modern freestanding baths to your bespoke requirements if needed. And with a wide range of stone, cast iron, and marble baths to choose from, you’ll soon be coming home from work eager to unwind in a comfortable modern freestanding bath.

Walk-in showers 

From the accessibility benefits to the pure bliss of a fully-immersive shower, these are perfect for people looking for a bespoke bathroom that’s modern and luxurious. Not only are walk-in showers easy to maintain and keep clean, but it gives you more space and freedom as well.

No more cramped showers or rushed scrubbing to get out again as soon as possible. No more outdated and dull showers that look just like everyone else’s. Instead, you can make your walk-in shower totally unique to you and your tastes, with doorless options available too. 

Deluxe wash basins 

The days of wash basins and sinks being bulky eyesores are well and truly gone. Instead, compact but stylish basins are now adding new dimensions of style and class to the modern bathroom. 

This combination of practicality and class has made washbasins more than just a bathroom fixture and made a key feature of the overall space. And with a countertop or wall-hung options available in a variety of materials and depths, bathrooms of all shapes and sizes can benefit from them.

Heated flooring 

For a truly immersive modern bathroom experience, many people are looking at heated flooring options. After all, what’s more luxurious than stepping out of a hot bath or shower and onto some lovely heated flooring to keep you relaxed and warm? 

Whether it’s heating under your floorboards or tiling, or heated mats, this is one of those extra special additions to your bathroom to create the feeling of being at a spa or luxury resort from the comfort of your own home. 

Wall-hung toilets 

These minimalist ‘floating’ toilets sit flush to the wall of your modern bathroom, raised above floor level. With optimum convenience and minimum use of space, wall-hung toilets reduce the clutter in your bathroom and let the room breathe. 

Easily cleaned and with improved hygiene, this progressive fixture of today’s bathroom offers a powerful aesthetic that exudes class and sophistication.

All of the above features add a new dimension of functionality and style to bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. In no time at all, you’ll be relaxing in your own personal paradise, in a bathroom that’s crafted to your tastes and needs with a modern twist.  

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