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Child Nutrition: What To Feed A Baby In The First 6 Months?

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Nutrition plays an essential role in an infant’s growth, development, and maturation of various body systems, especially in the first 6 months. During this time, healthy eating habits can be established and influence the child’s future.

 Feeding babies from birth to 6 months

Breast milk is food adapted to the baby’s needs. It is recommended to start breastfeeding immediately after birth. Exclusive breastfeeding (feeding with breast milk without supplements or formula) is recommended for the first six months of life, during which breast milk provides all of the baby’s nutritional needs (except in rare cases).

Most babies will be ready for complementary foods at about 6 months. In any case, do not give your baby any complementary foods before 4 months of age.

Suppose, for some reason, an infant under six months does not get (enough) breast milk. In that case, it is necessary to feed the baby with premium baby milk formula in the first months of life because it is the only source of food that satisfies the infant’s need for the necessary nutrients until the baby reaches the appropriate age for the introduction of complementary foods.

Parents should follow the safety rules for preparing baby formula.

What baby formula to choose for a newborn?

Given the huge number of baby food brands on the shelves, choosing a formula for a newborn baby is quite difficult. In order not to make a wrong decision, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • overall composition
  • the percentage of lactose (the lower, the better)
  • percentage of whey milk
  • brand specific factors
  • the recommendations for use (what category of babies it is intended for)

Growing numbers of new parents are choosing organic formulas for their kids. And HiPP organic infant formula is one of the possible solutions. It is designed for formula or mixed feeding for babies from birth to the end of their first year. HiPP formulas are based on organic cow’s milk from farms that strictly adhere to European regulations on organic production. 

The formula is recommended for use from birth when there is little or no breast milk. It works incredibly well with breast milk when mixed feeding is required. It is also recommended for use after breastfeeding or after any other infant formula from birth. So, where to buy the HiPP formula?

Online baby food stores will help to save time and effort in feeding your little one. Therefore, before you buy baby food at the online store, we advise you to get a consultation with your pediatrician. Pay attention to the reviews and the reputation of stores with baby food products. Do not hesitate to ask questions about the certification of products to ensure the quality of your child’s food.

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