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5 Things Moms Can’t Live Without

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For me being a mom is all about love, home, cooking, and looking after my husband, our kids, and basically taking care of everything. I enjoy being in charge and managing my home, but it is not easy, it is no less than a full-time job. Keeping everything perfect requires a lot of time. Most days are jam-packed and sometimes rough. Every mom could use a couple of extra hours in her day. I am sharing five things moms can’t live without, and it is no exaggeration, this is for real. 

Finding balance is very important, never forget about yourself, it’s equally important to focus on yourself. Most moms don’t realize that they go from an extreme of being pregnant to another extreme of being a mom. It is okay to get all these weird thoughts; moms get these sometimes; it’s a part of the deal. However, if you want to add an extra week in your month to take care of yourself, keep the following things at home.

Coffee is mom’s fuel

Coffee is God’s gift. Every morning I make myself cold brew iced latte in my French press. One cup of freshly brewed coffee is usually enough for me to get going but, on extremely hectic days, I allow myself to have an extra cup. From my experience, I like having the ability to only make a cup or two and avoid too much extra cleanup.

What you should absolutely avoid is drinking coffee first thing in the morning. You would be surprised to know that drinking coffee on an empty is a terrible idea. The best time to drink coffee is after a healthy breakfast. If you consume coffee the right way, as I have mentioned, it will not only help you on a busy day, but coffee also has tons of health benefits. Coffee beans contain antioxidants that reduce free radicals that damage cells. Apart from everything else, coffee is my morning fuel to function efficiently throughout the day.

A knife to cut like a chef 

A good knife doesn’t mean something fancy like a craft santoku, which cost thousands of dollars. An excellent quality chef knife will improve your cooking skills, and you will be able to chop vegetables, meat, and fruits quickly. Investing in a chef knife is actually cheaper in the long run because chef knives can chop off almost anything you might need. Chef’s knife can handle any type of cuts from fine dices to large rough cuts. A properly cared for chef’s knife can last decades without a doubt, the blade will stay sharper than cheap knives.  

If you cook at home, you already know that it is a real nightmare to chop with a cheap quality knife. Okay, so, if you are planning to buy a chef’s knife, you can find a nice quality knife for under $30. Some professional standard chef’s knives can cost a lot more, but I don’t think they are needed unless you are actually a chef.

Electric foot massager 

We moms spend a lot of time standing, walking, and carrying things. I work in the kitchen for at least two hours on an average day. From doing dishes to cooking food, everything put so much stress on our feet. Imagine getting a nice foot massage at home, and it will help you go pain-free and relieve your stress. 

An electronic foot massager is definitely something moms cannot live without. Foot massage promotes better sleep, less stress, and anxiety. A soothing and relaxing foot massage will help the body unwind, improve blood circulation, and relax the nerves. Also, foot massage gives you energy by releasing any blockages that hold energy and relieve fatigue. You can buy a decent electric foot massager for under $100.

Toaster Oven 

A toaster oven is a lifesaver for moms; it makes cooking and reheating so much convenient on busy days. Typically, you don’t cook stakes in a toaster oven but, I have tried, and it works. What I want to say is that with a few cooking skills, you can literally cook anything in a toaster oven. It is timesaving and easy to cook food in a toaster oven. It is better to buy a medium-sized oven rather than a large one because a medium toaster oven can manage most of the task and save energy bills. I clean my oven every time I use it because otherwise, you may smell weird stink in your food. Racks and crumb trays require washing with warm water and soap. You can find a nice quality toaster oven for something between $150 to $200.

Instant pot is a kitchen miracle

The instant pot pressure cooker is an all in one pot that cooks nearly everything much quicker and more conveniently than typical cooking methods. From sauté to streaming, it can do everything. It is a fully automatic, electronic pressure cooker that will cook your food at the exact temperatures. It is easy to wash, it is actually self-cleaning, and by that, I mean you can just boil water in it to clean it thoroughly from the inside. You can purchase an excellent quality instant pot for less than $100.


These are the things that I believe every mom need. These things are not expensive and definitely worth the investment because these items will save you time and money in the long run.

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