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5 Ways to Advance in Your Career

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Advancing in your career can have enormous rewards, not just financially, but to your general wellbeing too.

When you see yourself succeeding in your career, you’ll receive a boost to your confidence that will impact every aspect of your life, allowing you to be a better you.

Of course, trying to juggle work and family can be a challenge, and you might have found it tricky to work on personal development in the past. However, if you’re ready to take that leap, then here are our five tips for career advancement. 

  1. Work On Your Skills

Building and developing your skills is the best way to give your career a boost. Whether you learn a new language, or work on your interpersonal skills, they can all help your advancement. 

If you aren’t sure where to start, then check out the National Careers Service Skills Assessment. Their skills health check will give you a better understanding of what you’re good at and where you can improve – helping you take the next steps towards your goals. 

  1. Set Out a Plan 

Sit down and plan your steps to success. If you can visualise exactly what you need to do, you’ll have a better chance of achieving what you set out to. 

When you have a plan, you can ensure that everything you do at work is taking you in the direction of advancement. 

  1. Take a Course

Improving your education can be a great way to advance in your career, and there are so many management degrees and qualifications to choose from.

Of course, returning to university isn’t always easy once you’ve started a family and got settled in a career. With a distance learning course such as Anglia Ruskin University’s  Construction and Civil Engineering Management MSc, you’ll be able to grow your career on a schedule that suits your commitments. 

  1. Connect With Your Network

Engaging in networking, both within your company and without, is a great way to help you establish long lasting relationships with industry contacts whose experience you can learn from. 

Not only can they give you an insight into how they reached those goals, but they might even be willing to mentor you in your growth. 

With services such as LinkedIn, you’ll have the opportunity to expand that network across the world, no longer limited to those you encounter in your everyday life. 

  1. Have a Positive Attitude

You’d be surprised just how far you can get with a positive attitude – not only will positive thinking help you improve your wellbeing, reducing your stress and making you happier, but a positive attitude will nurture positive working relationships with your co-workers too.  

Having good relationships at work can put you in line for advancement, as being liked by your potential team is a great way to achieve a cohesive workforce. 

Are you thinking of investing in career advancement? Tell us about your strategies in the comments below.

Share this post with your friends!