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6 Appetizers easy to make

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Sometimes life gets so frantic, we don’t want to go through the stress of cooking. If you find yourself needing to entertain, there are easy appetizers for you to try.

Whether you have procrastinated combining your menu or decided to throw a last-minute party, appetizers are important as a pre-course meal

You could get a simple dish from the store, but trust us, homemade dishes are special for these moments. These simple dishes will help leave your guest distracted and satisfied while you get to your main course. 

In this blog post is a list of six simple appetizers to surprise and impress your guests. These dishes are easy to make, and at the same time, gorgeous. 

Chicken and mini waffles

It doesn’t matter if it’s a movie night, brunch, or barbecue, these delightful and appealing bites will surely be a hit. You can serve them with maple syrup and are ready to enjoy.

However, if you want an upgraded version of this American appetizer, you can substitute the chicken for FoieGood spreadable, the sweetness of the waffle with the amazing flavor of the duck liver pâté will be a unique combo. 

Fruit and cheese board

A typical cheese plate is always a suitable idea. But why not make it taste better with fruit and vegetables? It is not only delicious, but it is also a smart way to mind the vegetarians in the room. 

Cranberry chicken salad on apple slices 

Cranberries are a kind of berry native to America. They’ve become well-liked food items due to their health benefits, and they are always suggested for treating urinary tract infections and averting kidney stones. 

This method blends delicious ingredients into a tasty meal. The apple slices provide a crispy texture, while the cranberries give the salad a sour taste.

Lemon lox on rye appetizer 

The smoked salmon recipe will surprise your guests and have them asking for more. It can be prepared at a game’s night, an elegant dinner party, or at a brunch. 

This simple appetizer has a splash of lemon juice, fresh dill, and lemon zest. It can be served with black rye bread, cream cheese, and capers. This recipe is ideal for summertime. If you want your guest to be impressed, try serving this appetizer at your next barbecue or party. 

Cornmeal popovers 

With simple essentials like milk, flour, eggs, and butter, you can prepare these delicious popovers in less than 30 minutes. The secret is to get them just airy and fluffy enough to pop. 

Mini Greek spinach melts 

These spinach dips are mouth-watering appetizers or snacks. They are often served warm, and mostly accompanied by crackers or chips. The regular version has melted cheese on top, but you might want to go for butter. 

These appetizers are a little like mini pizzas and have a good number of vegetables included. This dish uses ingredients such as red pepper, feta cheese, mayonnaise, frozen spinach, oregano, sour cream, nutmeg, thyme, and mini pita rounds. It takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. 


There are varieties of easy appetizers that can be prepared for guests with simple recipes to follow. These dishes will leave your guests wanting more and feeling satisfied. So, whenever you have a get-together or a party, try out these dishes and see how much your guests will love them

Share this post with your friends!