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6 High-Paying Jobs For Those Who Love Working With Kids

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Working with kids is one of the best experiences any child lover can have. It allows you to satisfy your passion for kids and take home a hearty paycheck. While many may structure their education towards a career working with children by pursuing a degree in speech pathology or education, others may transition later in life.

Whether you’re at the start of your career, making a mid-career transition, or looking for rewarding part-time work in retirement, there are numerous high-paying professions suited for those who love nothing more than to engage with children. Keep reading to explore some enticing career paths that blend financial stability and the joy that comes from helping shape young lives. 

  1. Pediatrician

Becoming a pediatrician is one of the best-suited career options for those who adore children and have a passion for healthcare. 

This profession involves dedicating your practice to the health of children from infancy through adolescence. The role comes with responsibilities such as conducting regular check-ups, administering vaccinations, and diagnosing and treating a variety of illnesses typical in young patients. 

Besides offering rewarding day-to-day interactions with kids, this job is financially appealing, too. The average salary for a Pediatrician in the United States underscores its high-paying status, standing remarkably at around $190,350 per year, making this a rewarding and lucrative career option. 

  1. Pediatric Dentist

Another high-paying job for those who enjoy working with kids is that of a pediatric dentist. 

This dental specialization focuses primarily on oral health care for children from infancy through adolescence. The job involves not only treating dental issues but also educating children about good oral health habits, making this role as educational as it is medicinal.

A unique aspect of this role, unlike general dentistry, is understanding how to handle young patients and create a friendly dental atmosphere, which can often turn dreaded dentist appointments into enjoyable experiences.

Best yet, the financial reward matches the job’s fulfilling nature. Pediatric Dentists earn a handsome salary averaging $159,530 per year in the U.S., making teeth care highly profitable indeed! 

  1. School Principal

Stepping into the shoes of a school principal offers yet another fulfilling and high-paying job opportunity for those who enjoy working with children and shaping the future. A principal runs the operations of an educational institution, including setting policies, hiring staff, managing budgets, maintaining discipline, and ensuring a favorable learning environment for students.

They’re often responsible for nurturing key relationships between teachers, students, and parents. They also play structural roles during school crisis management. What’s more, school principals get to be a part of children’s developmental years by influencing their educational experiences in significant ways.

Financially speaking, school principals earn a generous salary package averaging around $101,320 yearly. 

5. Child Psychologist

Becoming a child psychologist presents another high-paying opportunity for those passionate about working with kids, especially in the mental aspect of child care. 

Embarking on this career path requires obtaining a degree from numerous certified child psychology doctoral programs, which are designed to equip students with adequate knowledge and skills to provide therapeutic care effectively. 

Their role often involves studying and helping children who are going through emotional or behavioral issues. These professionals may also have to conduct research to understand better children’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to devise strategies for their healthy psychological development. 

The median pay for these professionals stands at around $85,330 annually, a substantial sum that increases considerably with years of experience, rewarding both your pocket and your heart as you help kids navigate life’s complexities. 

6. Director in Children’s Programming

If creativity, media production, and children are your passions, the career path of a director in children’s programming might be the perfect fit for you. These professionals have the critical task of overseeing all aspects of creating shows for children – ranging from script development to final editing.

They need to ensure that content is engaging and educationally enriching while being fun for children. This unique responsibility often includes collaborating with writers, animators, actors, and other key players involved in the production process. 

The salary justifies their vital functions because it falls between $90,000 and $120,000 annually on average in the U.S., providing a rewarding outlet both artistically and financially for those who love interacting with kids.

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