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6 Valuable Tips for Preparing Your Child for School

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While starting school is a significant milestone for your child, the entire endeavor can be a daunting experience for them. Here are six tips to help you prepare your little one for school and make the learning transition easier and more efficient.

Talk to your child positively

Whether your child is a first-time or returning student, it is natural for them to feel anxious and nervous. Talk to your little one about school at least a few weeks beforehand, so you can help manage their expectations. Communicate with your child positively and address their concerns, whether minor or significant.

Establish routines

Children thrive on routines, so developing an efficient schedule before starting school is essential. Creating a routine early on can increase their confidence, make them feel safer, and help them develop healthy and sustainable habits. Since the first few school days can be tiring, creating an efficient bedtime routine is essential, as healthy sleeping habits can help your little one wake up early without feeling cranky and tired. 

Start a goodbye routine

Aside from building sustainable habits, you should also create an efficient goodbye system to make parting ways with your child more manageable. Some children, especially younger ones, have separation anxiety, so leaving them alone in a new environment can lead to never-ending tears and emotional meltdowns. Make the process as quick as possible and assure your little one that you’ll see them later. Since you know your child best, acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses so that you can create a positive and practical strategy. 

Read with your child

Reading to your little one has multiple benefits, such as enhanced discipline and concentration, supported cognitive development, improved language skills, and improved creativity and imagination. It can also improve your relationship with your little one and foster their love for reading.

Make it a habit to read with your child daily and encourage them to ask questions afterward. Display their books somewhere accessible and motivate your little one to read through them independently every so often. You can also read stories with relatable characters to help calm their nerves and boost their morale. 

Improve their fine motor skills

While your child is not expected to have perfect or strong fine motor skills, they must at least have started building them before attending school. Teach your child the proper way to hold a crayon or pencil and dedicate a few hours daily to coloring and writing. Show your little one how to use scissors and the correct way to cut. Provide them with various cutting practice worksheets to help your child master cutting. 

Visit the school

Before school starts, remember to visit the school with your child to help them get a feel of the new surroundings. Explore the school facilities, check the classroom, and play in the playground. If the school has an open house or orientation event, make sure to attend so you and your child can meet the teachers, school personnel, and other incoming students.  

Starting school need not be difficult for your child. Take note of these tips, and make sure to provide your little one with the necessary support and guidance. 

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