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Top tips for seeing all the sights in Alaska 

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It might be a cliche to say that a place offers ‘something for everyone’, but it’s hard to deny that the US state of Alaska has a strong claim to offer exactly that — given the area’s abundant moose, whales, and other wildlife, along with sumptuous mountainous and oceanic scenery.

However, if you want to give yourself enough opportunity to check out all of Alaska’s notable sights, you need to be careful with how you plan your journey to this particular part of the world.

What are the most exciting sights in Alaska?

Knowing what those sights are can doubtless assist you in planning your Alaska trip, as you will be able to prioritise certain stops for inclusion on your itinerary.

You could heed many of the Alaskan sights highlighted by Wise Living. Those attractions include Denali National Park & Preserve, Mount Denali, Glacier Bay, Kenai Fjords, the Alaska Railroad, and Wrangell-St Elias National Park & Preserve.

When is the Alaskan weather at its best?

The answer to this question ultimately depends how you define the word ‘best’ in this context. After all, not everyone necessarily rejoices at sunny days — but unsurprisingly, the days are indeed warmer and longer in Alaska when you visit it at any point from May to September.

Meanwhile, Reader’s Digest advises: “If you’re into winter activities and hoping to catch the Northern Lights, then the time frame between December and April is your best bet.”

When is the best month to visit Alaska?

Again, what exactly does the word ‘best’ mean to you in this sentence? As the summer is Alaska’s peak season in terms of tourist numbers, this is when an especially large range of tourist attractions tends to be open.

Nonetheless, you might want to wait until September — the territory’s shoulder season — if you are particularly keen on a cut-price Alaska getaway, since it is at this time of year that discounts are plentiful on hotels and excursions in the area.

When should you embark on an Alaskan cruise?

The short answer is: the summer season of May through September. As for when exactly you should start that cruise during this period? May, June, and September would be good months to consider, since cruise cabins are more limited in availability in July and August.

It would pay for you to research Alaskan cruises and book one — such as one of the Alaska-bound Silversea cruises available online — well in advance so that you can get dates and a cabin style that are especially to your liking.

When would be the cheapest time for you to visit Alaska?

You can improve your chances of unlocking savings for your Alaska holiday if you schedule it for either May — yes, early summer — or Alaska’s shoulder season, which lasts from mid-September to early December.

That’s because the basic equation of supply and demand can leave prices lower at these particular times. If you intend to join a cruise destined for Alaska, it might work out for you to look out for early-season deals.

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