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7 great gifts for those who love decorating for Easter

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Easter is such a great time of year for celebrating family and making memories. For many, filling the house with lots of beautiful decorations is the best way to bring the festive mood. Creating an eye-catching backdrop for Easter celebrations will not only lift everyone’s spirits, but it’s an activity that both kids and adults can get into (sometimes the adults even more so!). Whether you’re on a budget and looking for crafty decoration ideas, or wanting to buy something special that will last for years to come, here are our 7 great gifts for those who love decorating for Easter

A decorative tree or rabbit

Who said trees are just for Christmas time? A great way to liven up any house around Easter is with a decorative tree. This can be placed as a centrepiece on the dining table for Easter lunch, or elsewhere around the house as an eye-catching decoration. Adorn the tree with Easter-themed ornaments, like hanging eggs or bunnies, which can be bought or made at home (there are plenty of online tutorials). If you like the sound of an ornate tree, what about a large decorative Easter egg or a porcelain bunny? Place them beside the tree or at various points around the house and they will be sure to bring the Easter spirit. 

An Easter egg painting kit 

If you like the idea of homemade, decorative Easter eggs, what about an Easter egg painting kit? This is an easy way to add lots of colour – and perfect for getting the kids involved. It will encourage them to put their creative hats on and come up with different patterns, and they’ll love showing them off to whoever comes around. Plus, painting can be a fun and relaxing activity for adults, too! Put down some paper and let the creative juices flow.

A basket 

The quintessential Easter decoration – with a modern twist. Why not gift an Easter basket with bunny ears or one that’s been woven with bright colours or festive material? An Easter basket is a great decorative piece in itself, and it can also be filled with other smaller decorations, like eggs or flowers – a pre-arranged bouquet from a fantastic flower delivery service will make your life so much easier. If there is an Easter egg hunt, hand the basket over to the kids and they’ll fill it up with all the goodies they discover. It’s also a handy house accessory to use all year round!

An Easter wreath

Nothing says festive like a wreath. When it comes to Easter time, spice up this centuries-old tradition by nestling little decorative eggs in amongst the leaves. If you want to make the wreath yourself, you have plenty of design scope – whether it’s using greenery and flowers from the garden, or a more inventive approach, like cutting out the little round cradles from egg cartons and painting them a pretty colour. If you don’t have time to get crafty, there are plenty of ready-made Easter wreaths you can buy. Hang it on the front door, mantlepiece or any well-placed wall hooks, and the house will instantly feel more joyous. 

A festive baking pan 

Decorating doesn’t have to just be about ornaments placed around your house, it can also be about the food made in the kitchen. A heart-shaped baking pan or bunny cookie cutters are a great way to bring Easter energy to cooking. Not only will these look great on the table at Easter lunch, but they are sure to impress guests, and the kids will love them. The best part is, even if you’re not the greatest chef, they are simple and easy to use. They also make for the perfect gift for the host who loves throwing themed events!

Easter-themed crockery 

Add even more festive sparkle to Easter lunch with some Easter-themed crockery. This could be a hand-painted bowl, an ornamental cake stand or a classic Easter bunny egg cup – sure to add a splash of colour and fun to the dining table. Combine them with a gingham print tablecloth and napkins and it will go down as a (very Instagrammable) Easter lunch to remember. 

Easter puzzle

An Easter puzzle not only looks great laid out somewhere in the house, but it will attract the involvement of anyone who walks by and wants to test their puzzle-solving skills. An excellent interactive decoration idea, the puzzle will likely catch the attention of the whole family, and bring the Easter spirit in more ways than one. Set up some surrounding cushions and blankets to create a comfy puzzle-solving zone, and let the fun begin. 

With so much to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect gift to make Easter shine so that it’s full of memories that will last for years to come. 

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