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7 Unexpected Jobs That You Can Do From Home

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It is now easier than ever to start a new job from home. Recent events suddenly forced everyone indoors with no other option but to work from home. This means that most data handlers, writers, and HR managers could easily do their work from a home office, and many still do. However, there were some job roles that could not be done in this environment. 

 Modern technology keeps advancing though, and you may be surprised by what jobs you can actually do from home. If you are one of those people who hates their morning commute, here are some unexpected jobs that you can now do from home.

Personal Training

A good fitness expert needs to recommend an exercise regime and diet based on their client’s needs to either help them lose weight or bulk up. As such, you may expect the best place for these sessions would be the gym. While the local gym is a perfectly normal place to receive sessions from a personal trainer, there is no reason why you couldn’t perform this job from home.

So long as you have the space available, it should be no issue to work as a personal trainer from home. Just make sure you have some contingencies in place if you plan on using your garden to train and it starts to rain. Also, it is now very accessible to attend personal training courses online using providers such as The Fitness Group. You can also use this technology to communicate with your fitness clients regularly. Therefore, working as a personal trainer from home is not only possible, but it can also come with some additional advantages.


While everyone should consider using a personal trainer at some point, one need that everyone has is a good hairdresser. However, not everyone has the time to visit a hairdresser when working nine-to-five. That is why there is a huge need for hairdressers willing to operate outside of these hours. Fortunately, one of the best ways to do this is by setting up as a hairdresser that works from home.

You will have to buy all the necessary equipment yourself, but you would avoid any charges you incur from working as part of another business, such as hiring the chair space. However, you can get a lot of business out of offering people a place to get a haircut outside of normal business hours.


Of course, any medical professional will need to attend a medical facility to treat patients. This is because it is a sterile environment that has access to other healthcare experts and equipment. That is why patients will still need to visit a doctor’s surgery or hospital to receive medical treatment.

However, video-calling technology has made it possible for doctors to communicate with patients from a home office via the Internet. This means that doctors can now set up a dedicated time to work from home to diagnose people remotely or treat highly contagious patients.


Anyone who is familiar with a courtroom jury will picture a block of people sitting on benches in the courthouse. This presence is often deemed necessary to provide an objective opinion when determining the outcome of a court case.

Unfortunately, bringing in a local jury of peers for an ongoing court case can be time-consuming and inconvenient for those selected. That is why the modern judicial system now has access to virtual jurors. These people are usually adult citizens that can watch the trial over a video feed and receive documents across the internet. 

However, virtual jurors are mainly used as mock juries, reviewing trial information before the case begins. This is done to point out any flaws in the case so that lawyers can refine their approach when testifying in front of a real jury.

Mystery Shopper

Anyone who has worked in retail or customer service roles before will have been warned about the mystery shopper. These people are sent by the store’s head office to test out the store and interact with the employees. They will then report back their findings to try and improve the performance of the industry.

While mystery shoppers are still used in physical retail stores, another type of mystery shopper is needed in the digital age. An eMystery shopper performs the exact same tasks as a normal mystery shopper only in the online space. Since this job is performed online, it is the perfect type of job to do from home.

Sports Scout

There was a time when amateur sports players would only advance to the big leagues after being spotted by a talent scout. Unfortunately, the presence of a scout could be enough to put off a talented player, rendering their performance unsuitable for the big leagues.

Nowadays, a talent scout can still perform their jobs without risking tainting someone’s performance with their presence. Modern technology allows people to video and share the accomplishments of amateur sports players with scouts. These sports scouts can then review the footage from home and make a more accurate decision about recruiting new players.

Vocal Coach

Just like how a fitness coach may need to be in a room with a client to assess their form, you would expect the same of a vocal coach. A vocal coach often hires a space with the right acoustics to accurately judge the reach and cadence of a singer’s voice. However, there is no reason that a talented vocal coach could not set up a similar space at home. Also, video technology can allow these coaches to reach more clients across the web. The results of a singer using a video call may not be as accurate as listening to them in person, but there is more technology available to help vocal coaches overcome these problems if they want to work from home.


In theory, almost any job can be performed remotely in modern times. However, these are certainly some of the most unexpected remote job roles.

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