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A Guide to Finding Your True Dream Home in Turkey

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Finding your dream home is a big task. You need to get it correctly in order to ensure that your family’s best interest or that your personal comfort is a priority on one hand, and on the other, you need to be certain that the property has all of the appurtenances that you need to thrive as a person. What makes one person’s dream house may not be that fascinating to another, so endeavor to prioritise your personal needs as you take the crucial step of finding your home. This article will help you refocus and re-strategize in your journey for a dream home.

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Factors that Should be Top on Your List – How Not to get carried away in Your Search

Sometimes, it is hard to stay on course and not get distracted by one of the very many awesome property choices in Turkey. When there are more options than envisaged or more options than needed, one could easily get carried away and sway in the luxuries of the various houses. It is great that you found something that tickles your fancy, but before you buy it off the market, ask yourself some important questions, is this house functional for me? Does it serve my functional needs? Will it serve those needs in 3 to 5 years? As tempting as it might be to own a fancy house, such a house may become a liability in the nearest future and offer you lesser value as an owner. That is why it is important to look beyond aesthetics and look for functionality, such as:

Proximity to Work Place

Home proximity to the workplace is often underrated! There is nothing as soothing as being able to crash by at the office where need be without fighting hours of traffic or covering miles of travel space. If you have a long-time job and want to buy a house, it may be a great idea for such a property not to be too far from the office.

Office Space/work corners

Are you a part-time influencer? If yes, you must first consider the corners you would use for your videos, how suitable they are, or at least an estimate of the cost of making a portion of your soon-to-be home suitable for the videos. If you are a remote worker, you may need a corner to set up for Zoom meetings and the like, etc. It is important always to have a portion of the home suitable for your work endeavors, no matter how small the apartment is. 

Usability of the Rooms

In the euphoria of property purchase, it always seems like you should buy a house because it looks beautiful, maybe big and impressive, etc. But in reality, except if you have a large family, you do not need to have a large home. Otherwise, you would be wasting such spaces, which cost you so much to acquire. More so, such homes may be such a trouble maintaining and cleaning.

The kitchen quality

Kitchen quality is such a big deal, especially amongst women or wives of the house. If you have a woman in your life who loves to do kitchen magic, you may also want her to have a say in the property because a boring kitchen is a near punishment for ladies. Sometimes, kitchens may not look as great initially, but even in such scenario, it is important to have enough space to rebuild, revive, redecorate, and make room for new stuff.

The resale value of that category of property

Finally, it is important to consider the resale value vis-à-vis your medium-long-term goals for the property. Making these considerations will help you comprehend in total what you are getting involved in and how much value the property is likely to carry in the coming years.

In conclusion

There are more factors to consider, but in all, in order to make the right decisions, do not get carried away by the beauty that you forget its purpose and your maximum comfort; the latter has more long-term value than the latter.  

Share this post with your friends!