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A Love Of Learning Starts From Home

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A love of learning starts when children are young. As you know, kids are always learning new things. There is always something new for them to discover, and there is always something that they haven’t quite mastered yet, ready for them to tackle. This starts when they are babies and they are learning to eat, and it never ends. The natural curiosity will always be there, and this is a good starting point for a love of learning new things. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the things that you can do to foster a love of learning, so keep reading down below if you would like to find out more.

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Educational Shows

The first thing that you can do is have your children watch educational shows. We know that parenthood can be tiring, and sometimes you just need a little break from everything. It’s okay to put them in front of a screen and have a little time to yourself, and don’t let anyone tell you that it isn’t. However, if you want them to love to learn, then you can put on one of the many educational shows out there right now. You can find them on YouTube, Netflix and a range of other video services.

You can find videos on teaching them numbers and letters, as well as a whole load of other things. We do want to say there is a reason nursery rhymes are so popular with children, so if you are having a particularly tough day, this might be where you should turn.

Reading With Them

Have you thought about sitting down and reading with your kids? It’s a fantastic idea, and lots of kids love it. Some like reading a story before they go to bed, where others like to read with you in the middle of the day. There are many benefits of reading to children, and we highly recommend that you start when they are really young so that they get used to it. Growing up on books is a fantastic thing as it helps them develop their skills, which is fantastic.

As your kid gets older, we recommend that you set aside at least half an hour per day of reading time. They can practice reading out loud to you, and then you can read to them. Everyone wins!

Your Love Of Learning

Your attitude and how you feel about learning is going to play a huge part in how your kids feel about it too. You might not see that now, but they will be able to tell if you are not remotely interested, unless you are the world’s best actress. If you love to learn, then this is going to come out in everything that you do when you teach your children, and this is going to foster a beautiful love of learning.

Even if you don’t like to learn that much, your kids still need to do it. So, we recommend that you do all of the things that we have mentioned already, and find some other things to do with them as well. You don’t have to actively say how much you love to learn, but avoid saying it’s boring or anything negative like this as it will hinder progress.

Supportive Parenting

The final thing that we are going to look at is supportive parenting. If you have parents that supported your likes and dreams, then this was likely fantastic for you. Some people don’t have this and their parents tell them that they can’t pursue certain interests because it doesn’t fit with the mental image that they have for their children. You should avoid being this type of parent at all costs, as all it’s going to do is drive your kids away from you, and make them not want to take part in learning in any form. 

This is the last thing that you want to happen, so you’ve got to be a supportive parent. It’s not difficult if you love them the way that you claim to.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the things that you need to be doing in your home in order to encourage a love of learning. This love starts from home, and will carry over into school when the time is right, but you’ve got to make sure that you are nurturing this as a parent. We wish you the very best of luck, and hope that you manage this.

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