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AD | Little Brian Paint Sticks – Review #LittleBrianPaintSticks

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Last month we were sent a range of Little Brian Paint Stick goodies to review and they couldn’t have come at a better time to keep my toddler and pre-schooler busy during those last couple of weeks of the summer holidays.

In the past, I shared a clever way for your baby to enjoy totally mess free finger painting, so you guys know how much I prefer crafts that leave as little mess as possible. Little Brian Paint Sticks do exactly this – a really fun way for your children to enjoy painting and very little clean up for you. It’s win-win!

Who are Little Brian?

Little Brian are a Lancashire based manufacturer of paint supplies who have been supplying schools and nurseries for over 40 years. Now branching out into the retail world, they are bringing Paint Sticks to homes across the country.

With more and more products coming to the market every few months, we are excited to see what they come up with next. But for now, we are happy to be reviewing the Little Brian Giant Paint Stick, Little Brian Paint Stick bucket and the Little Brian Floor Puzzle!

The bucket of Little Brian paint sticks

What are Little Brian Paint Sticks?

With Little Brian Paint Sticks you simply lift the lid and twist the stick to reveal bright, vibrant paint that dries in less than 60 seconds. Just like a glue stick, Little Brian Paint Sticks are a fantastic way for tiny and big kids to unleash their artistic creation and the best bit? There’s no major clean up operation for Mum or Dad!

Little Brian Paint Sticks are available in a range of colours along with a metallic range, day glow colours and a fabric range.

Dexter colouring in the Paint-a-Puzzle with Little Brian Paint Sticks

How else can paint sticks be used?

  • On the window – simply wipe off with a cloth afterwards
  • Mixed with water to create blended artwork
  • Create a scratch board by drawing your design, painting black paint over the top and leaving to dry
  • Wet the paint and apply to potato or stampers for stamping craft
Dexter colouring in the Paint-a-Puzzle with the paint sticks
Dexter using Little Brian Paint Sticks on the window
Dexter cleaning Little Brian Paint Sticks from off the window

Little Brian Giant Paint Stick

New for 2020, the Little Brian Giant Paint Stick is shaped like a huge paint stick but contains 30 assorted colours of Paint Sticks making it the perfect companion for any child.

Retailing at £17.99, my boys loved the range of colours that this set contained and the box is a cute way for us to store all the paint sticks!

Keep an eye on my Facebook page over the next few days for the chance to win your very own Giant Paint Stick!

Dexter colouring with the Little Brian paint sticks

Little Brian Paint-a-Puzzle Floor Puzzle

Containing 12 puzzle pieces, this fun, Pain-a-Puzzle floor puzzle is a great way for little hands to practise their jigsaw skills, before using the beautifully silky soft paint sticks to colour their own design.

Dexter doing the Paint-a-Puzzle by Little Brian

What we love about Little Brian Paint Sticks

  • The strong, vibrant colours, whether you’re using them to paint in paper, wood, the windows or fabric.
  • How easy they are to twist to access the colour and twist back down to put the paint away.
  • Did we mention the lack of mess?! No more washing paint brushes, paint pots and aprons!
  • The versatility. The boys loved using them on the windows and it was so simple to wipe away their creations afterwards.
  • No more waiting hours for their creations to dry. We love how their art work is dry in less than a minute.
Dexter painting with the Little Brian paint sticks

How can you get your hands on Little Brian Paint Sticks?

As a totally mess free way of getting my boys to partake in craft, Little Brian Paint Sticks are an absolute winner in my book! Here’s where you can buy the products we reviewed:

Little Brian Paint Stick Bucket with 20 colours – available at Argos for £13

Little Brian Giant Stick – available at Smyths Toys for £17.99

Little Brian Paint-a-Puzzle – available at Argos for £14

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