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Dexter’s First Day at School

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I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog about this, but after four years of blogging about Dexter’s life, from his birth back in 2016, all the way through his toddler years and beyond, I thought why on earth not.

Today, after six months of uncertainty, thanks to the worldwide pandemic, Dexter started school.

We found out back in April that Dexter had secured his first choice in primary schools and we couldn’t have been happier. Of course, ever since, we have been unsure how starting school would look in this new, post-lockdown world, but we’ve pressed on regardless, determined to make this momentous occasion as special as possible.

Dexter has always needed to be communicated with frequently about upcoming changes, simply so he can get his head around things. I have talked non-stop about starting school, despite reservations that it might not actually happen. However as he walked through the school gates this afternoon for his first settling in session, I knew I had done the right thing.

Dexter on his first day of school

We were so proud to see him graduate from nursery last week – the setting held an incredible goodbye party for them all – and despite only attending since January (and missing three months thanks to the pandemic), it was an overwhelming moment.

For the last few days, we’ve had the odd rumble of,

But Mummy, I’ll miss you.”

However, he has been easily placated and this afternoon was desperate to get to his new school to meet friends old and new and play.

When we arrived, Dex walked straight in and started examining all of the new toys he’d have to play with. Meanwhile, I stood on the sidelines, trying to hold in the tears, which finally flowed freely as the grown ups congregated in the playground after we were asked to leave.

One day, I’ll stop being so emotional, surely!

Dexter with thumb up on his first day of school

I am so excited to see how much school changes him and how much he will grow over the next few years. Primary school is such a special time and I am sure it’s exactly what he needs to quench his thirst for learning!

Good luck in your first year of school Dexter – you’re going to smash it!

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