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AD | Nerf BUNKR Competition Pack: Review and Nerf Swag Giveaway

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It’s Nerf or Nothin’!

It’s Nerf or nothin’!. The brand new Nerf BUNKR range takes blaster play to the next level with innovative and unique Nerf branded inflatable obstacles suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.

What is the Nerf BUNKR Competition Pack?

Whether you have a boy or girl, big kid or little, everyone can join in the fun with this Nerf Bunkr Battle Zones Competition Pack. Inside you will find four Nerf inflatables; the Road Barrier, Blue Barrel with integrated dart storage, Traffic cone and the Utility Crate. Also inside you will find a set of Nerf Battle Cards.

Included are ‘How To Play’ cards, including Battle Royale and Capture The Flag. Other cards used in game play are Spawn cards, Medic cards and a Safe Zone card.

What did we think of the NERF BUNKR Competition Pack?

As huge Nerf fans the boys loved adding an extra dimension to their Nerf play. They loved using the inflatables to hide behind or to use as target practise for their shooting skills, whether that was inside or outside! (depending on the Great British weather!)

Although this set is marketed at children aged 8+, my boys at 5 and 2 absolutely loved playing with them and although Felix struggled with handling the Nerf guns, he loved squatting behind the inflatables and running after his brother!

Anything else you need to know?

  • The Competition Pack doesn’t include any Nerf guns or bullets so you’ll need to purchase these separately.
  • The set doesn’t come with a pump, but you’ll definitely need one to pump these beasts up. A hairdryer also works wonders – but be careful!
  • Be sure to store these inflatables carefully. Definitely do not leave them out in the garden overnight or they’ll blow away!

Where can you get your hands on the Nerf BUNKR range?

Nerf BUNKR range can be purchased from Argos, Amazon UK an other retailers. The Competition Pack is currently £40 at Argos (correct at time of publishing)

Win Your Own Nerf Battle Swag

Now it’s your chance to join in on the Nerf Battle action! For your chance to win 1 x Nerf BUNKR Toxic Barrel and 1 x Nerf BUNKR Caution Crate enter below.

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