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Themed Wedding Ideas For Northern Couples

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If there’s one thing we know about Northerner’s, it’s that you love any excuse to have a party, and no one hosts a party quite like a Northern couple. So, we can only imagine how amazing the weddings are. Kick back, relax, grab a brew, and have a look through a few wedding themes that we think would be PERFECT for your special day. Whether it’s Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool or Newcastle – we’ve got something for everyone in this list! 

  1. Beatle’s Themed Wedding: If you’re a music fan, you’ll love the idea of decorating your wedding venue with Beatle’s memorabilia. Fill your wedding space with stunning pieces inspired by the discography that changed the way music is today! We’re thinking white crossroads, black birds, and yellow submarines – gorgeous!
  1. The Hacienda Themed Wedding: Manchester’s equal to Studio 54, The Hacienda was one of the first nightclubs to play house music in the 1980s, and was frequented by many famous faces, from Fatboy Slim to Madonna in it’s prime. So why not decorate your wedding venue to pay homage to this fantastic era of clubbing that Manchester is now famous for, celebrating the roots of the Northern clubbing scene!
  1. Football Themed Wedding: If there’s one thing the North is known for, it would have to be its football teams. And if you’re big football fans, why not implement that into you wedding celebrations. You can be as obvious as you’d like with football themed décor. Or for a more subtle approach, you could decorate the space with pieces in the colours of your favourite football team. 
  1. Wanderlust Themed Wedding: Manchester Airport is one of the most famous places to travel from in the UK. So why not take that the theme of travelling and run with it (or fly with it). And this theme can be used in so many different ways. Name each table after a country you’d love or loved visiting, based your food and drink menu on delicacies from around the world. Wanderlust is a fantastic, romantic theme for your big day!
  1. Lord of the Rings Themed Wedding: Leeds is the birthplace of many famous faces that we have come to know and love. And whilst he wasn’t born there, JRR Tolkein was actually a professor at the University of Leeds before he wrote the famous book series. So, what better way to celebrate your Northern roots than to bring the Lord of the Rings back home!

Of course, these themes are far from the traditional and definitely outside the box. Although, with careful planning and tasteful selection, you can still do these themes in a more subtle way, to embrace your Northern roots in an elegant way! Happy planning. 

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