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Bedroom Updates You Can Do in a Weekend

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Not all of us have the budget or the time to spend on restyling our homes. And when it comes to home updates, the bedroom always seems to be at the bottom of the pile. It’s rarely seen by visitors and only you and your S.O – if you have one – spend time in it…but now that the nights are drawing in, the mornings have a chill in the air and the sun doesn’t seem to shine with as much warmth as it did a few weeks ago, we’re spending more and more time indoors.

So, why shouldn’t you have the perfect bedroom to spend all those cosy Sundays in? Struggling for inspiration? Read on for some quick bedroom updates you can do in a weekend.

Add some greenery

Did you know that having houseplants dramatically reduces stress levels? And lowers your blood pressure? It’s true! Surrounding ourselves with nature makes us feel much more relaxed and at ease, which is why they say heading into the country is good for you! Adding a few potted plants or maybe even a bunch of flowers in your bedroom will fill the room with freshness and effortless style. Check out this website for some great house plant ideas. Don’t forget to choose a plant pot that compliments your décor!

Pay attention to lighting

Bright bulbs, garish lampshades or gloomy corners and miserable lighting. Sound familiar? We neglect how important the lighting is in a room, even more so in the bedroom. You need to introduce some ambient lighting if you want to recreate an extra cosy feel for those rainy Sunday mornings. If your budget will allow, consider installing some dimmer switches, or alternatively, switch up your light fixtures for something a little more elegant and introduce some bedside lamps for some ambient lighting. If you don’t fancy making drastic changes, then add a few candles – with some beautiful tealight/candle holders to your room for a touch of comfort, elegance and even romance.

Give your comfort a boost

Summer is all about thin duvets and light pillows, so when the cold weather hits you need to step it up a gear. Update your duvet for a much thicker one and treat yourself to some new pillows too. You can also choose some new bedding sets to really amp up the comfort factor – throw in some gorgeous scatter cushions, throws and bed blankets and you’ll never want to get of bed again! Everyone loves a new and fresh set of bedding to slip into after a long day!

Clear the clutter and deep clean

Books, clothes, makeup, the TV remotes, knick-knacks, toiletries and even the kids toys, it’s amazing how much clutter our bedrooms accumulate. Make a fresh start and remove anything that shouldn’t belong. Clearing clutter will make your room look and feel brand new and if you give everything a good wipe down, including wardrobes, skirting boards and even the bedframe your bedroom will smell so much fresher too.

Share this post with your friends!