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Best Family Tourist Attractions To Visit In Qatar

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Whether you’re visiting Qatar or have recently relocated here, you’re probably searching for fun things to do with your family. The nicest thing about Qatar is how welcoming it is to families. Doha has a lot to offer families in terms of entertainment, with activities for children of all ages. Enjoy educational encounters at museums around the country, enthralling interactive learning in theme parks and gaming zones, and limitless outdoor activities. 

Traveling with family costs more than traveling make your trip affordable, book your flights with Qatar Airways booking. They have designed a Family Package which is available for families with a minimum of two adults and one child (three children max). 

If you are looking for the best attractions to visit in Qatar with family and kids, you have come to the right place! 

Museum of Islamic Arts Park 

Also known as MIA Park, the Museum of Islamic Art is an architectural treasure and one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Doha, Qatar. It has the world’s biggest collection of Islamic art. The museum’s design, which appears to float on water from certain angles, is one of its primary attractions. 

A park next to the Museum of Islamic Arts offers unrivaled views of the West Bay Skyline and is a great place to wander with your family and kids. This park is available 24 hours a day and has play and grass spaces for children to enjoy. Although the park is open seven days a week, weekends are the ideal time to visit. 

Souq Waqif 

Many mud-rendered traditional stores and Qatari structures can be seen at Souq Waqif, where visitors may shop for handmade items, spices, jewelry, and other items. One of the most popular Doha attractions, visitors may stroll through the alleyways, appreciate the architectural marvels, and buy perfumes, cuisine, and other items. 

If you’re searching for somewhere to dine for supper with the family, the Souq has many options. Open every day, best visited in the evenings between 4 and 10 p.m., however, most

restaurants are open all day. For a really unique Qatar experience, there are a variety of premium boutique hotels connected to the Souq. 

The Pearl 

The Pearl Qatar, a man-made island that extends over four square kilometers and is home to some of Doha’s best cafés and retail centers, is one of the finest instances of real luxury. It is an artificial island located offshore of Doha’s West Bay Lagoon region, and it is well-known for being the first land in Qatar to be accessible for freehold ownership by foreign citizens. 

Families come here to buy at the many high-end retail establishments in the neighborhood, or simply to walk along the lovely promenade overlooking the harbor, the Pearl is considered one of Qatar’s most popular attractions to visit. 

Villaggio Mall 

Villaggio Mall, a shopping and entertainment center influenced by Venetian architecture, is one of the Gulf’s most aesthetically stunning malls. The indoor canal and numerous working gondolas that transport guests around the mall are the most notable features. Bridges flanked by fanciful thrones cross the canals, all beneath Villaggio’s artificial sky: a really picture-perfect location. 

When you’re on vacation in Qatar, you can’t afford to miss the Villaggio Mall. Within its premises, there are a lot of food shops and booths that serve the greatest of feasts to the families. Visitors will find a lot more to enjoy at the location, from the greatest apparel boutiques to the best entertainment alternatives. 

Sealine Beach Resort 

Beaches are a great place for families to picnic in Qatar. Sealine Beach, one of Qatar’s most beautiful beaches, is an ideal location for sports such as kitesurfing. This attraction is well worth a try, with prices ranging from QR 700 to QR 900 per person in a party of three depending on the day. 

Sealine Beach Resort caters to everyone from families to adventure seekers. Water activities, desert safaris, camel and horseback riding, as well as football, basketball, and other sports, are all available at this resort. Sealine Beach Resort provides a variety of options for a unique and enjoyable mini-break or holiday, the decision is yours.

Aqua Park 

Summers in Qatar are quite hot, so what better way to break the heat than a trip to the renowned Aqua Park with the family. Aqua Park is an interesting water-themed amusement park in Doha, Qatar, located 15 kilometers outside the city. It provides entertainment and excitement to families and children of all ages. 

After purchasing tickets and passing through the turnstiles, visitors should visit the gift stores, which include changing rooms, lagoons, a wave pool, and a children’s activity pool. The lazy river, sports grounds, and Slide towers are just a few of Qatar’s many attractions. 

The Corniche 

The Doha Corniche, which stretches for seven kilometers along Doha Bay, is one of Qatar’s most beautiful tourist destinations. The crescent-shaped promenade that stretches around Doha Bay offers panoramic views of the Persian Gulf on one side and the bustling commercial sector on the other. Whether you visit the Corniche as the sun rises or sets, this seaside stroll is a true pleasure. 

If a short bite to eat isn’t enough to satisfy your appetite, you’re in luck: one of Doha’s greatest restaurants is right on the Corniche. The dhows are lit up at night and ready to take strollers for a brief ride around the harbor 

National Museum of Qatar 

The National Museum of Qatar tells the extraordinary narrative of Qatar and its people, from the dawn of time to the current day and beyond. The museum is surrounded by a manicured park with alternating low dunes, flooded fields, and gardens inspired by sabkhas and oases that recreate Qatari landscapes. 

The museum has 11 exhibits where visitors may see how the peninsular nation’s fortunes have changed through time. Each gallery provides a unique perspective as well as a multi-sensory experience. These include aural, as in music and oral histories, visual, as in film and archive photographs, and olfactory, as in fragrances that evoke certain periods and locations. 

Hopefully, you will enjoy your family trip to Qatar with these amazing attractions!

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