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Best outdoor toys for 6-year-old boys

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Buying toys for 6-year-old boys is fairly easy. Especially if they like to play outside. At that age, they have boundless energy and are very enthusiastic about exploring.

So, if you are looking for toys for 6 year old boys start by checking out the garden toys section. As you will see it is not hard to find something that will engage a child of that age while helping them to stay active and fit. Here are just a few suggestions:

Amphibious remote-control cars

Most children love model cars, trucks, and bikes. Even more so if they are remote-controlled, being in charge of a car careering along a garden path is exciting. But many families do not have much hard standing outside. Spending a little more and buying an amphibious vehicle is the perfect way to get around this. The best models can easily manage short grass, some will even race over gravel.

But it is not wise to get one that is too high-powered or big. This is because it is all too easy for a six-year-old to become wrapped up in the excitement, not see someone stepping out of the house and run into them.

Toys that fly

Flying toys have always been popular with children. The first kites are believed to have been flown 2,500 years ago. For a 6-year-old boy flying a kite is an absorbing activity.

Small remote-controlled helicopters are fun too. But there is a fair chance that, at some point, it will be flown out of range and lost or damaged. So, it is probably best to buy one of the cheaper, smaller models.

Sports equipment

Most children have boundless energy, so anything that involves running around is enjoyable. By aged six, their dexterity and coordination improve drastically enabling them to enjoy playing sports more. Something that makes garden sports equipment a great gift idea for them.

Just remember to factor in the impact letting kids play on the grass is going to have on your lawn. This article explains how to protect it from the worst of wear and tear. It is also wise to do a quick safety review. You don´t want a child that is excited and distracted to be able to run into a patio door.

Garden camping

At 6, a lot of children´s confidence has grown to the point where they enjoy a little independence. Any activity that feeds into this is sure to please. Garden camping is one of them. A garden tent is an instant den, a place to plan adventures, play games, and stash important finds.

Explorer games

Explorer kits and games are good too. ISpy books fall into this category, kids love being able to identify the birds they see on a walk or in the garden. Giving a boy a magnifying glass and something to collect insects in will keep him occupied for hours.

When it comes to garden toys you do not have to spend a fortune. But it is still worth protecting them from the weather. Providing your children with a trunk or space in the shed to stow everything will mean they can enjoy their garden toys for longer. 

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