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Best Places to Visit During Your Vacation in Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi is the land of luxury living, the birthplace of black gold and, of course, hot sand. But before the economic explosion of this city, a lot of sand escaped. At the time of its foundation, it was a small settlement that had existed since 1760, and the main activity of the society at that time was fishing and oyster pearl harvesting. Only after the discovery of oil deposits did the country get its ticket to the economic miracle and make the most of it.

Nowadays, this city is full of colour, combining ancient architecture, hot sunshine and the luxurious life of people enjoying refreshing drinks in the bars. The city has two “rivers”, a river of black gold and a river filled with funds that function in the sphere of people’s lives. 

Since Abu Dhabi is the UAE’s green centre, visitors to the nation are eager to make every effort to travel there. Given that Dubai is frequently used as an entry point to the UAE rather than capital, many visitors will find it helpful to know about an airport taxi from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Booking the Abu Dhabi airport transfer will be a wise decision for a comfortable journey for one person or a small party. You can either arrange AtoB Dubai airport taxi in advance (then you can jump in and drive away from the airport) or call the AtoB airport transfer service from the arrival zone. Or you can also fly in directly to this city as there are numerous flights to choose from such as flights from New York to Abu Dhabi.

So let’s talk about the places that set the tone for your discovery of this incredible city.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

For the locals and residents of the UAE, there are no limits to the description and gratitude for his work. A man who, under his skilful leadership, united various poor tribes and created the UAE as it is known to the world today. A man who was elected 7 times as President of the UAE. A person who was a skilful leader and knew how to listen to both the poor and the rich. The mosque, which you can see arriving here by Dubai airport taxi, is named after him.

The mosque was designed and financed with the participation of the Sheikh himself. The design of the mosque can be said to have incorporated Zaydah’s character traits. Strict lines of the mosque, many domes that rise to the hot sun, an incredible number of columns that tirelessly support this grandeur, and various artificial water features (lakes, fountains). Many of the carvings are handmade by craftsmen, the materials used in their work include gold, pearls, lapis lazuli, and amethyst. All these things are harmoniously intertwined in different intersections of architectural lines. Even the sheikh found his final resting place in this very place.

Heritage Village

This place allows you to travel back in time and see the city before the oil sea explosion. Everything is built and brought to life with the smallest details so that visitors understand how these are two different worlds that were divided into before and after. In this place, visitors can understand how “luxurious” the living of the inhabitants of that time was. Take the AtoB Abu Dhabi airport transfer here and see all of it: the work of divers for pearls, see the tools used to catch fish and even how they weave in this part of the UAE. For this purpose, various open lectures are held for visitors, where skilled lecturers immerse you in this journey, you will be like a diver searching for the rarest pearl in your life.

Liwa Oasis

The heart of life in the middle of an endless sea of heated sandhills and hot wind. At all times, the oasis was a small piece of land that became a refuge for caravans that walked or even swam on this ocean of sandhills. Visiting this place using a Abu Dhabi airport taxi you will have to understand with your own eyes what the expression “being a grain of sand” means. The majesty of the dunes that will envelop you will make you think about your everyday living. The wind that will fill your hair with particles of heated sand will make you feel like one of those desperate people who paved the way through these places.

For some time now, people have been able to conquer this wilderness, because the surroundings of the oasis are used as a place for sandhills surfers (you can surf without the sea), those who like more extreme recreation can use the services of off-road driving on the sand dunes. You can also leave your AtoB airport transfer and “swim” on a desert ship, it is not for nothing that camels are called in a such way. A walk along the sands in the vicinity of the oasis will make you feel like a sheikh. The best part is that after a camel ride, you can return to the oasis and enjoy a refreshing drink, watch the hot sun set behind the majestic dunes and contemplate another ocean that will swallow you. We are talking about the ocean of stars that will be perfectly visible in the night sky over the hot desert.


In November 2017, a sizable art museum in Abu Dhabi debuted. The collection at the Louvre Abu Dhabi contains works by artists from various periods and civilizations, including Leonardo da Vinci’s “Savior of the World,” Picasso, Gauguin, Manet, Magritte, and Bellini. Tourists, however, are drawn to the works of art as well as the ornamentation itself.  Go there by AtoB airport transfer and take a look at it on your own. For instance, the building’s dome features unique branches and vegetation, which makes for some amazing pictures.

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