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Your caravan holiday FAQs answered

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Caravan holidays are a cost-effective and fun way to holiday wherever you are, but especially in the UK. 

If you’ve never experienced a UK caravan holiday before, you may have some pressing questions you want answered before booking.

So, carry on reading to answer some of the most common FAQs about caravan park holidays, so you’re fully prepared for all things caravan related…

What is a static caravan?

Many caravan holidays parks will have static caravans that you can buy or rent from. 

They are designed to spend most of their time located in a holiday park, so are rarely moved – if at all.

This is why most of them have more facilities and the ability to contain home comforts, like central heating and bathroom utilities.

Can I invite friends and family members to my caravan?

It’s perfectly fine to allow other people to holiday with you in your caravan, when embarking on a group visit – there are different options, but the maximum number is usually up to eight people.

However, make sure not to overfill your caravan for health and safety reasons, and to ensure maximum comfort levels for everyone holidaying.

Not only will you have a safe holiday, but everyone will have enough room to wind down at the end of a busy day exploring!

Can I cook in my caravan?

There will likely be a variety of restaurants around your caravan park, where you can potentially try some new cuisine.

However, if you don’t fancy going out or it’s a particularly rainy day, you might prefer to seek comfort inside your caravan.

In there, you’ll be equipped with cooking and kitchen facilities, so there’s an option to make whatever you’d like.

Can I bring my dog?

You’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to leave a family member behind, as you can bring your dog along to your caravan holiday.

They are dog-friendly holidays, so you can take them around your caravan park and explore nature with them too!

However, do make sure you check with your holiday park that pets are allowed – just to be sure. 

Do I need insurance for my caravan?

If you choose to buy a static caravan, it becomes only yours, so you can fill it with your belongings and home comforts – always prepared for your next getaway!

This is why it’s advised to not only insure your caravan, but also the belongings inside – ensuring that everything is safe and secure.

Can I rent out my caravan when I’m not holidaying?

Check with your provider, but in many cases your resort can offer a managed letting service that you can earn money from to help offset the running costs, whilst you’re not there.

The holiday provider can handle the marketing and secure any bookings, ensuring that the people renting also have the best experience possible!

With these answers to some of your most common questions, hopefully this will help when you book your first, or next, caravan holiday!

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