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Best Tips for Parents in College

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Striking A Balance

College education is a challenge. It is an even larger one for student parents. In the United States, of the 20 million college students enrolled during the 2019-2020 academic year, 4.3 million were either single or married parents.
Student parents pursuing college education face the daunting task of balancing their family and parenthood responsibilities with educational goals and college assignments. The good news is that they are not left to their own devices in this important endeavor. There are a number of great resources and tools available out there to help student parents succeed on both fronts.
Take a moment to review our tips for striking a balance that works for you and your kids.

  • Time management

Advanced time management skills are an absolute must. Student parents rarely have any spare time, so they cannot afford to waste time on extraneous details, inconsequential taks, or meaningless routines. 
Weather the storm of multiple and competing responsibilities by learning how to set priorities, develop effective and flexible schedules, build in time for rest and recuperation, and devote quality time to both your studies and your children. When you are really running out of time, make sure you use the services of GrabMyEssay to complete your college essays meeting tight college deadlines.

  • Share responsibilities

If you are married, work with your spouse to shoulder some of the household or child-raising responsibilities equitably. You don’t have to go it alone. The range of responsibilities that can be divided is all-inclusive. It can be anything from dishwashing and cleaning to part-time jobs or playing with kids. Whatever the division of labor, it has to be based on mutual respect and equity.

  • Flexible Class Schedule

As a parent, you must have already come to grips with the reality that you cannot spend all day attending classes in-person. Most colleges offer a combination of classes including online sessions and some night classes. These are great options for parents with small children, as they allow them to study when the kids are in bed.
You can also save time by using the Top Essay Writing services. You can hire top-notch professional writers to help you with your college assignments completed to the highest academic standards.
Some colleges take it further by developing individual schedules tailored to your needs. It is therefore important to read about the policies and options of each college before making the call.

  • Financial aid

College education is usually expensive. Family obligations only add to your expenses. Consider financial aid options when it becomes near impossible to manage your finances. Many colleges offer loans or grants to single parents that you should definitely consider. Take time to talk to people at the student support center to find out more.

  • Seek help

Student parents can also ask their family members or relatives to help out. There is always someone willing to help out. This is common in cultures with close-knit social fabrics and extended family networks that provide great coping mechanisms. There are also many online resources that offer great tips for parents dealing with family and college responsibilities.
Some colleges also have free childcare facilities and services, so make sure you are aware of all the support programs that help with housing, counseling, child care, and other related tasks.


It is tough to combine parenthood with college education. With more than 1 out of every 5 college students raising kids, this challenge rings the bell for thousands of student parents. 
No matter how scary the challenge is, the key thing to remember is that you are not alone, and you don’t need to be alone to tackle it successfully. As long as you are a responsible, disciplined, and task-oriented individual, you will pull it off with the help of the tips we have provided. 
Don’t be put off by setbacks. Pause, draw lessons, adjust and carry on without repeating the same mistakes.

*****Carl Hill has been specializing in student support and parent counseling services. His online reviews and blogs draw on a decade-long experience of working with married couples facing challenges during their college years. Carl’s insightful and savvy tips and analyses have earned him the reputation of a consummate professional.

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