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Luvanto for a Child’s Room 

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Children are a joy but the chaos that follows them is not so much. You constantly ask for rooms to be cleaned and to be careful not to spill anything, but you are going to be cleaning up after them until they leave home. That’s the rule of parenthood we all will face.

We all expect children to get messy with those toys and even messier once the cakes and food drop to the floor. How about giving yourself some backup in preparation for your child’s bedroom by opting for luxury vinyl flooring for their rooms?

Toy Proof

Toys are typically the enemy for a floor, with them providing more than their fair share of everlasting marks and scratches.

Battling against those threats to a lasting floor, you can install luxury vinyl tiles that provide higher scratch resistance due to their reinforced wear layers, so cars and other toys won’t be leaving their floor looking like the starting grid at Brand’s Hatch.

If you have bought any water-based games, you also have the reassurance that water and moisture-proof safeguards are at play – meaning any drinks or water guns being shot in the bedrooms won’t make your floor an easy target.

Quick Install

You may be mistaken for thinking luxury vinyl tiles or planks are a painful time-consuming installation to get into, but it can be as simple as clicking together planks or gluing down tiles with a brand-specific adhesive.

It doesn’t matter who in the house is the DIY expert, it can be done by anyone with simple instructions, or you can have it fitted by a professional if you don’t feel confident. By having the pieces individually cut to fit any room you can be sure no waste is generated to be disposed of.


No matter what mess your little ones leave behind, it is cleaned simply and quickly without the need for specialist cleaning products and materials when you opt for vinyl flooring.

Simple sweeping and brushing – and an occasional mop – leave the floor just as it was on the day you installed it. You can even pull your children into cleaning it themselves within minutes knowing they cannot damage or destroy sections with ease, giving you that extra bit of time to get your feet up with a cup of tea.

You don’t have to have an expensive taste to enjoy great flooring, such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring. every taste is catered for with a perfectly replicated look and feel.

For a look at how your child’s bedroom can benefit from vinyl, look into the great protective qualities’ vinyl has over traditional flooring and you will agree that luxury vinyl flooring is the best choice for your little one’s comfort. 

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