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Blogging Goals 2021 | January Update

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Thought it might be interesting to do monthly updates on my blogging goals for 2021. I am so excited to grow my blog even more this year and see what I can achieve!

Let’s look at each goal in turn and see where I’m up to after the first month of the year!

1. Hit 35k sessions per month (420k for the year)

In January, I hit 47k sessions on my blog, absolutely decimating my goal and achieving over 10% of my target for 2021. What an incredible start to the year!

19k of these sessions came from Google, 13k from social and the rest were referral or direct.

2. Get DA/DR to 30

Domain Rating is still 25, but my Domain Authority has finally risen by three points and is now 28! Hurrah! A few more backlinks and I hope to reach the elusive 30 by the end of the year!

3. Earn £1000 per month

In January, my blog brought in £862 of income thanks to a mixture of ad revenue and sponsored posts. A little behind where I’d like to be, but still plenty of time to make up this shortfall in the coming months.

I had an excellent January with ad revenue (but this takes three months to get paid). Considering RPMs deep dive off a cliff in Jan, I’ve still managed to average $22 a day of earnings, so I’m really chuffed with this!

4. Create 50 new pieces of content

By now, I should have 4-5 new pieces of content on my blog, however I have posted a grand total of ZERO. Oops! This is definitely going to be my toughest goal to achieve this year, so I’d best get planning!

So, overall, I’m not doing too badly at the moment in terms of my goals. I definitely need to boost the content creation in order to boost my income goals and I reckon once I start nailing that goal, the other one will fall into place!

Wish me luck!

Share this post with your friends!