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Why Technology Has Been So Great For The Whole Family During The Pandemic

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Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

While a pandemic was never something we thought we would be in, the last twelve months have seen us planted firmly in the middle of one. We have been in a lockdown, unable to leave our homes and left with not much to do. While it has been tough, technology has been great to the whole family and it is hard to think of what we would have done without it. If this pandemic had been even twenty years ago, we might have been in a very different situation! The internet is a clever thing and can help us with everything from booking holidays and researching recipes to looking to compare freight class shipping prices! Here are some top ways that technology has been great for the whole family in the last year…

It has enabled us to homeschool

Schools have been forced to close a lot in the last year and it has meant disruption for many children. Luckily, the internet has meant that many have been able to learn via Zoom or Skype, speaking to their teachers that way. They have been able to receive their homework or schoolwork over the internet and can email their teachers if they are ever stuck. Before the internet, this might have had to have been done by phone calls and putting work in the post which would have been a lot more tedious and risky as everyone would have to leave the house more often to go to the post box!

It has helped us stay in touch with our families

In a time when we are apart, the internet has helped us to feel more connected. We have been able to video call our loved ones and speak to them while seeing their faces. We have also been able to arrange quizzes, events and dinner parties online, recreating events that otherwise would not have been possible. Some people have even live-streamed their weddings to those that couldn’t be there due to number and travel limitations. The amount of help the internet has done has been priceless.

It has let us look up recipes and craft ideas

Without being able to go out and about, many of us have turned our sights to the internet to find things to do as a family. Whether through Pinterest or blogs, we have used the internet to find everything from recipes (how else would we know how to make so much banana bread?!) to art ideas. Whether it’s tips on how to create amazing craft pieces or how to turn your old rubbish into something useful, it has been a goldmine for inspiration. 

These are just a few of the main ways that technology has been great for the whole family during the pandemic. Hopefully, lockdown is over soon and when it is we will all appreciate what we can do that little bit more. What have you been doing to get you through? Let us know in the comments below!

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