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Blogging Goals | March Update

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It’s April! I am a little late to the update this month…where does the time go? But, here is where I am up to for my blogging goals at the end of March.

Let’s look at each goal in turn and see if I’ve made any progress three months down the line…


So far this year I have achieved the following:

  • January – 47k sessions
  • February – 42k sessions
  • March – 43k sessions

This means I am now at 133k sessions for the year which is 31% of my target – 6% higher than where I wanted to be!

19k users came from Google (an increase of 4%), 11.5k came from Social (a decrease of 7%) and the rest were referral or direct.

2. GET DA/DR TO 30

After two years of waiting, my Domain Authority has FINALLY climbed back up to 30! I can hardly believe it considering I haven’t done ANY link building in yonks!

Meanwhile my Domain Rating is stable at 25.

I hope the increase in Domain Authority to 30 with lead to more work, but we shall wait and see!


After a slow start to the year in January earning £862, I have more than made up for that in February and March by earning £1588 and £1668 respectively.

This takes my earnings to just shy of £4118 for the year so far meaning I am ahead of target for my 2021 goal! This is great for me as I know from experience that earning can significantly reduce during the summer months and with many brands still cautious due to the pandemic, I am very pleased to be ahead of the game for now.

In terms of ad revenue, I have had a very strong March earning on average $24 a day. Mediavine has been a huge boost to my revenue so I will be forever grateful to them.


I have been pretty rubbish in terms of creating new content in March. I am still only on seven new pieces of content for the year – so I better start pulling my finger out over the next few months!

I am hoping the lighter evenings give me more of a chance to create and photograph recipes. I have so many ideas, I just need the time, inclination and the lighting in order to make them happen!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s roundup of my blogging goals – see you in May!

Share this post with your friends!