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5 Ways To Save Money After Baby Arrives

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The day your baby is born will be one to celebrate. This new addition to your family will bring many rewards, and your life will never quite be the same again. Welcome to motherhood!

But here’s the thing about your little bundle of joy: They will cost you big! It can be very easy to blow your entire budget after your baby is born, and that could cause you financial problems down the line.

Thankfully, your baby doesn’t have to bankrupt you. You can prepare your finances before your baby arrives, taking steps to budget yourself so you’re ready for the expenses you will have to make. And you can make savings after your baby arrives by following some of the tips we will give you below. 

#1: Make general savings around the home

We will talk about more baby-centric savings in a moment, but before we do, consider the other things you could do to save money at home. From comparing utility bill companies to cancelling subscriptions you don’t need, do what you can to reduce or eliminate your monthly expenses. Use comparison sites akin to Money Supermarket when sorting out your bills, and check out the Latest Deals guide on saving money with Sky if you use their services for your TV binge-watching. Commit to further research online and try to save money on everything.

#2: Make your own baby food

Baby food can be expensive, and while you could buy cheaper brands, it’s also worth making your own food for your little one when you can. You will save money this way, and you will be able to make more health-conscious choices when picking out ingredients. Check out these baby food recipes if you need some inspiration and check out the recipes on our site, including this one for beetroot pancakes when your baby is old enough,

#3: Get as many freebies as you can

If any of your parenting friends offer you second-hand clothing, toys, bedding, or other items your little one needs, accept them if they are worth keeping. Get along to parenting classes and mother and baby groups too, as other mums might bring in free samples of food etc, to share with others. 

There are also plenty of places to source freebies online. Emma’s Diary is one website where you can get gift packs containing free samples of baby goodies as well as discounts on other things your baby might need. Another site to consider is Your Baby Club as they give away free samples and list discount offers. Commit to a Google search to find out more.

#4: Don’t buy what your baby doesn’t need

As babies grow out of clothes quicker than you can say ‘just where did the time go,’ don’t be tempted to overstock their side of the wardrobe. And don’t be tempted to overfill their toy box either, as babies don’t have the attention span to cope with a lot of toys in front of them, no matter how exciting you think they are. In short, curb your spending as you will save yourself a lot of money if you do. 

#5: Get help from a baby bank

You have probably heard of food banks, but did you know about baby banks? These are for parents on a low income and you can find your nearest one here. They give away everything babies might need, from clothing to equipment, although you will need to be referred to the baby bank by a midwife or health visitor. 

So, don’t let your baby bankrupt you! Savings can be made, so consider these suggestions and then look online for more money-saving ideas!

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