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Can babies eat baked beans?

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As such a cheap and easy meal to prepare, many parents find themselves asking, can babies eat baked beans? The answer is a resounding yes! Baked beans make an excellent choice of meal for babies, toddlers, school aged children, and even adults. Parents interested in baby led weaning can even offer baked beans as a first food; alternatively, baked beans can be pureed and spoon fed to babies that prefer to be fed this way. 

In this post…

    The benefits of babies eating baked beans.

    When asking yourself can babies eat baked beans? it is worth remembering that not all canned baked beans are the same.

    When purchasing baked beans for your baby, look out for brands that contain low sugar and sodium levels.

    There are many benefits to feeding your baby baked beans, and they’re also a versatile food, which is why they make such a good addition to your baby’s diet.

    Here are some of the best benefits of babies eating baked beans:

    • Great plant-based protein
    • A source of fibre
    • Beneficial for gut health
    • Contain nutrients needed for healthy development
    • Cheap and convenient to prepare

    Let’s have a look at each point in turn.

    Baked beans are a great source of plant-based protein

    One of the most popular reasons that parents ask “can babies eat baked beans?” is because they’re looking for a natural source of plant-based protein.

    Previously we have answered the question, Can Babies Eat Quorn? and discussed the importance of finding protein sources when leading a vegetarian based diet.

    Although baked beans contain less protein than some other pulses, they still typically contain around 5g of protein per 100g. 

    They’re a natural source of fibre

    When considering can babies eat baked beans it’s a good idea to think about common ailments that can occur when you start to wean your baby onto solid foods.

    Typically, babies can start to develop constipation due to changes in their diet. Eating foods that contain a natural source of fibre, for example, baked beans, can help prevent constipation and stomach upsets.

    Just be sure that when offering your baby baked beans, you do not feed them daily as too much fibre can result in trapped gas and other painful stomach issues.

    Baked beans are beneficial for your baby’s gut health

    Did you know that there are specific fibres found in beans and pulses that actually promote good gut health by assisting the growth of gut bacteria?

    This type of fibre is called a prebiotic and is responsible for feeding the good bacteria in the gut, thus promoting a healthy digestive system.

    The good bacteria in your baby’s intestines play a role in the overall health of your baby, and research suggests that they can even help fight neurological illnesses. 

    Baked beans contain nutrients needed for a baby’s healthy development

    Some parents ask the question, “can babies eat baked beans?” because they’re worried about the nutritional value.

    For a ‘convenient’ food, baked beans contain a surprising number of nutrients that are critical for a baby’s healthy development.

    Not only are baked beans a source of protein and iron, but they are also rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium, folate, and zinc.

    Baked beans are cheap and convenient to prepare

    One of the best benefits of feeding baked beans to your baby whilst weaning is that they are cheap, convenient, and easy to prepare.

    Canned baked beans have a long shelf life and can be purchased in almost any shop that sells groceries. 

    Are baked beans a choking hazard for babies?

    Some parents who wonder “can babies eat baked beans?” may be worried about the beans being a potential choking hazard.

    Baked beans are, in fact, a great first food for babies, especially those exploring food textures and tastes via baby led weaning.

    With that being said, all foods can be considered a choking hazard, and therefore you should always keep a close eye on your baby whilst they’re eating baked beans or any other foods.

    How to offer baked beans to your baby.

    Baked beans are a versatile food and can therefore be served as a main meal, or as an accompaniment to many of your baby’s favourite dishes. Some easy meals that contain baked beans that make great meals for babies include:

    Can babies eat baked beans? 

    In this post we have discussed the question, can babies eat baked beans? and shared some useful information about the nutritional value of baked beans and how they can play a key role in your baby’s diet.

    Baked beans are an inexpensive food that is packed full of vitamins and nutrients that help to support your baby’s development as well as contribute to healthy gut health, and therefore they’re a great food choice for parents looking for new meals to offer their children.

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