• Baby Led Weaning Recipe: Egg Muffins

    22nd November 2016

    As I mentioned in my previous recipe, Sweet Potato Pancakes, I have a stock pile of purées to use so I’m trying to think up recipes for baby led weaning that can incorporate them. Egg muffins are a huge favourite with Slimming Worlders because they are an easy way to get your vegetables in and…

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  • sweet potato pancakes in the frying pan cooking

    Baby Led Weaning Recipe: Sweet Potato Pancakes

    21st November 2016

    As you may know, I have ditched the purée feeding in favour of Baby Led Weaning. This is all well and good, apart from I have a shed-load of purées stacked in my freezer. After the success of my Banana Pancakes, I thought, why not try the same concept but with sweet potato? Method I…

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  • Baby Led Weaning Omelette Recipe

    18th November 2016

    I love having omelettes for my lunch and they have been my go to staple since I’ve been doing Slimming World because they are filling and can be syn free. When I first made these we hadn’t yet tried egg, but I was keen to introduce it to make sure Dex didn’t have an allergy.…

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  • baby led weaning zucchini pizzas sat on a green munchkin plate

    Baby Led Weaning Zucchini Pizza Recipe

    17th November 2016

    Baby led weaning Zucchini Pizzas were the second food I tried with my first son Dexter. The first foods we tried on day one were banana pancakes. They were such a hit, that it gave me the confidence to try something a bit more adventurous on day two. I love zucchinis. They are so versatile…

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  • baby led weaning banana pancakes on a plate featured image

    Baby Led Weaning Banana Pancakes Recipe

    16th November 2016

    Dexter turned six months old at the end of November and we decided to bite the bullet and start our baby led weaning journey. Like a lot of Mums, we were scared of choking and as I was at home by myself, I decided to start with something really soft and simple: baby led weaning…

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