I’m Not Ready For This Baby

I’m not ready for this baby. I’m not ready to give up any more space in my body to accommodate you. I’m not ready to…

8 Best Pregnancy Products to Nourish You From the Inside Out

Pregnancy. It’s meant be all glowing skin, blossoming bumps and glossy hair. The reality can be quite different! Most days I feel very frumpy, with…

Pregnancy Diary: Week 19

What a strange week this has been. I had to take time off work for the first time since my last pregnancy, which is not…

Pregnancy Diary: Week 18

I’ve just come to the end of my eighteenth week of pregnancy and things are starting to feel so much more real with very regular…

Pregnancy Diary: Week 17

A bit of a quiet week this week, not very much to report at all.

Pregnancy Diary: Week 16

I’m a bit late updating this week, time is really flying by in this pregnancy!

Maternity Leave | Am I Crazy for Feeling a Little Apprehensive?

Once upon a time I had a baby. I loved him so much that when it came time for my maternity leave to end and…


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