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Second Time Mum | What’ll Be In My Changing Bag?

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With my second baby due before the end of the year, my attention has been turning to what will be in my changing bag when I have both a baby and a toddler to contend with. Kiddies Kingdom sent me this gorgeous Cosatto Wow changing bag in Fox Tale to get me thinking what are going to be my changing bag essentials when I am a Mum of two.


Both kids will be in nappies as we haven’t started the dreaded potty training yet, so I will have a mixture of size 2 and size 5 nappies. I’m not fussy about which brand we use, we are currently using Mamia from Aldi, but also love Morrisons and Tesco’s nappies.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are a must for cleaning up baby poo and wiping mucky, sticky toddler faces. We love Nutmeg wipes from Morrisons and usually go through a pack a day.


I bottle fed Dexter after being unsuccessful with our breastfeeding journey, and although I’d like to breastfeed again, I have bottles and formula ready just in case. I like to have two bottles on me at all times, one ready for a feed and one just in case.

Small tubs of formula / Flask

I don’t like to prepare formula in advance so I like to pack small Tommee Tippee formula pots with enough formula in for a feed, plus a flask of boiling water, so I can make up a bottle quickly and easily and just wait for an hour or so to cool it down.


Toddlers need snacks whenever they are on the move. I like to pack fruit, flapjacks, vegetable crisps and a healthy cookie, just to keep those hunger pangs at bay.

Spare clothes

I always pack a couple of extra vests and trousers in case of any poonami accidents or indeed in case the toddler decides to jump in a big massive muddy puddle and get himself soaked.

Nappy bags

Nappy bags don’t just come in useful for dirty nappies, they are also essential for wrapping up wet or dirty clothes ready for the washing machine to tackle them once we get home. I am terrible for forgetting nappy bags and they are going to be the first thing packed every time now!

Calpol and syringe

Who knows when the baby is going to be struck down with a temperature due to teething or a poorly tummy, so I always have Calpol and syringe on hand just in case. It’s very rare we have to use it, but I’d hate to be without it.

Nappy cream

Nappy cream is a must when we are out and about and Sudocrem is my current go to. I also like to use Metanium when the tough really gets going, but for day to day use, Sudocrem is amazing.


A stash of dummies is always a necessity item. Dex still has his now, but usually only for naps. You can bet your bottom dollar that the one time they’re forgotten is the one time they are demanded non stop during a long car journey.

Bunny / Comforter

Along with dummy, must come Bunny. I wonder what our second child’s comforter will be. Whatever it is, that will be packed along with the long suffering Sleepytot which has been an absolute godsend during long car journeys and whenever there’s been a hysterical tantrum.


Dexter loves his books and they keep him busy when he is bored, long car journeys or visits to family. I always pack three or four so he can’t get bored of them and he will happily sit and read alone or ask a grown up to read along with him.

Hat and Gloves or Suncream

Depending on the time of year, hat and gloves or sunscreen will take pride of place in the changing bag. I’ve never known us to go through as much sunscreen as we did this year, it was an invaluable tool against the hot, scalding sun and I know hat and gloves are going to vital this winter so Dex can make a snowman in the local park.

Is there anything I have forgotten? What are your changing bag essentials?

Disclaimer: I was sent a Cosatto Wow Changing Bag in return for this post.

What is in my changing bag now that I am a Mum of two, to both a toddler and a newborn baby? Here I list all the essentials items needed for my changing bag

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Devon Mama

Thursday 20th of September 2018

I'm never without a muslin square (especially with a baby around) and after some bad experiences with overspilling nappies there's usually a spare babygrow/set of leggings in there just in case. What can I say, my baby bag weighs a TONNE!