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Cheap Things to do with Kids in Orlando

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Famous for its wide array of world-renowned theme parks, Orlando is a magical hub of contagious fun and excitement. Despite its recognition for providing thrill-seekers with adrenaline-filled rides and action-packed days out, it’s comforting to know that Orlando has much more to give outside the enchanting gates of its theme parks.  

And the best part about its offerings? Many of them are free! Which means you can continue the unforgettable memories without the expensive price tag! For families planning a two-week getaway, this is probably music to your ears!

With so many fun opportunities, where do you begin? With the children besotted with the magic of their favourite Disney characters and in wonder and awe of their most admired film studio secrets, the focus of this blog will be to keep enhancing the magic! All these locations are also conveniently close to villas near Disney World and Universal Studios! 

Visit Lady Liberty at Big Tree Park

If you require something a bit different and want to escape the tourist crowds for a bit, then this beautiful park may be the location you need! Feast your eyes on epically sized ancient bald cypress trees and feel like you’re in a little paradise at Big Tree Park.

And who is the biggest and best tree to see? Lady Liberty, of course! Not only is she the largest at 40ft in height, but she is also the oldest at more than 2,000 years in age! 

The park is free and comes with a fun playground for the children to let off some steam!

Absorb Yourself in the Fun Atmosphere of  Universal CityWalk

Free to enter, CityWalk is a lively scene of activity which is a great place to walk around in the evenings! Of course, if you would like to dine out or purchase a holiday souvenir, then you will have to part with some of your holiday budget! Universal CityWalk has made this list due to its inviting atmosphere and energetic vitality.  

Created from three blocks of fun, feel captivated by its absorbing entertainment. Make sure to make the most of the free parking and arrive after 6 PM to avoid any charges!

Watch Fireworks from Disney Boardwalk

Again, free to enter, Disney Boardwalk is an enchanting place where picture-perfect displays of American idealism line the streets. Prepare for gorgeous settings of 20th-century promenades hosting beautiful restaurants and shops as well as mesmerising street entertainers!

You can reach the area by walking from Hollywood Studios or Epcot. Here, you can also have a fantastic view of the Magic Kingdom firework display in the evening!

Snap a Photo with the Coca Cola Bear at Disney Springs 

Disney Springs is one of the most popular locations in Orlando and is also free to enter! Surrounded by free music shows and family fun activities, the area is an awe-inducing spectacular, which is geared to keep the whole family entertained!

Head over to the amazing Coca-Cola Store and hunt down its most loved resident, the Coca Cola bear. Make sure to take a picture to prove to your friends you found him!

The area also hosts a fantastic M&Ms shop as well as an interactive LEGO store which provides fun activities and incredible LEGO sculptures!

Absorb the Natural Beauty at Mead Botanical Garden 

Time for some fresh air and a sprinkle of sunny Florida weather and where best to go than the stunning Mead Botanical Garden. This magnificent garden is 47.6 acres in size and is complete with a gorgeous butterfly garden which will guarantee to captivate the kids in its superb display of colour! 

The pavilions provide a peaceful shelter from the stronger sun rays where you and the family can chill out with a little picnic! The garden opens as early as 7:30 AM and closes at dusk, so that a full day can be spent here.

Explore the Dreamy Location of Celebration

Located a few miles from Walt Disney World’s entrance, Celebration is a perfectly idyllic location which will spark excitement in all family members. Inspired by Walt Disney’s vision, the site was constructed three decades after he passed away. 

Prepare for perfect lawns and picket fences. Play a game of ping pong and relax in a dreamy rocking chair, all surrounding the beautiful lake. Explore either on foot or by bicycle, as the area is inundated with bike trails. Again, it is all available for free! 

Look at the Classic Cars in Old Town Kissimmee

Every weekend, the area of Kissimmee is host to a fun-filled car display which will absorb those who love anything fast and furious! 

The evenings are the playground for the ‘Friday Nite Muscle Car Cruise’ or ‘Saturday Nite Classic Car Cruise’ where you can see the classic cars rush through the streets in a theatrical performance! And, you’ve guessed it, it’s all free of charge.

I hope this post has excited you for your trip to the Sunshine State. With so much to see and do, it is a trove of pure excitement and will keep your family talking of fond memories for years to come.

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