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Cultivating Clear Communication Among A Remote Workforce

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The lockdown restrictions imposed as a result of COVID-19 are slowly relaxing. Nonetheless, many business owners will find that remote working continues to play a central role for many months to come. It is the easiest way to promote social distancing and supports parents who are not able to send their kids back to school for a little while longer. But, as you’ve already discovered over the past few months, success relies on the ability to establish clear communication.

If you plan to use a remote workforce on a semi-permanent basis, your first job is to compensate for the lack of human interaction. An appreciation of the different generations within your team is a great starting point. It can help guide group and personal interactions. Meanwhile, the use of video conferencing systems and team messaging Apps to facilitate team meetings is advised. It’s a step that additionally allows you to monitor and mentor individuals from any location.

Group communications and hangouts are a good way to promote a better team atmosphere. A little recreational chat won’t hurt productivity levels. And it can be especially useful for motivational purposes. After all, most of your remote-based workers are restricted in their leisure activities right now. The outlet to let off some steam can cultivate a far healthier group culture. Right now, this isn’t only a matter of supporting the company. It’s an issue of human responsibility.

Teamwork makes the dream work, and remote working should not end this. Team project management tools that use real-time updates ensure that every member of the team knows the current status of the project. Meanwhile, to learn about the use of a VDR App click here. The use of a virtual data room from desktops removes the threat of duplicate documents. It also stops the threat of mixed signals caused by colleagues working from outdated information. Moreover, the ability to view the edits and versions can support smoother collaborations.

In addition to supporting your business with the right tools, it’s vital to adopt a winning mindset. Maintaining concise points will allow you to ensure that all team members retain their focus. When running virtual team meetings, keep them short and sweet. Meanwhile, an email version of the minutes should be sent shortly after the conclusion. When you focus on a prioritized list of 1-3 main points, there is little threat of ambiguity.

Now more than ever, you need to lead your team in an effective fashion. When handling video calls, your body language is vital. Positivity and authority can motivate your employees while also inspiring confidence in them. If you want to master body language read this guide for simple tips designed for leaders. When handling voice calls, you must speak with clarity and the appropriate tone of voice. Once again, any room for ambiguity must be avoided at all costs.

Finally, if you plan to use a remote-based team for the next few months – or longer – you must also encourage autonomy. All employees have been recruited for their skills and talents. So, don’t be afraid to place your trust in them. 


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