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AD | Vinyl flooring brings you plenty of variety

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For both professional and amateur interior designers, vinyl flooring has become a go-to material for several years. The benefits of vinyl flooring are highly sought after by families, working professionals and those who just want a less chore-filled day. 

In fact there is an array of benefits which help to protect, maintain and personalise your flooring, whether you like stone tiles or wooden planks, patterns or borders, vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for getting exactly what you want out of your flooring design.

Feet first

The thing that is paramount in choosing vinyl flooring is that it is comfortable for your feet. Not just your feet, but your family’s feet, your pet’s paws and even your children’s little feet. Vinyl contains many layers which work as built in underlay (though you can add your own if you wish), and help to keep the sound of footfalls down, and making walking in bare feet an enjoyable experience. 

Vinyl is praised for its durability and soundproofing in large households. 

Modern, vintage, and innovative

Both wood and stone designs have been around for several years. Never have they been paired with the manufacturing innovations we have available today. The idea of a moisture resistant and anti-scratch flooring was previously unheard of before recent years in the 21st Century, which has designer’s and homeowners jumping at the chance to get hold of flooring which does just that.

The stone age

Bringing and element of luxury into your home with stone textured vinyl flooring is a popular choice for home interior designers or renovators looking to make a big impact on a little budget.

Choosing vinyl stone tiles is a great way to minimise the risk of breaking, cracking or chipping real stone tiles and therefore saving yourself the cost of a replacement tiles. Stone effect vinyl also means you minimise the sound of footfall as you walk across your luxurious new flooring.

luxury vinyl flooring

Light or dark

With modern day homeowners, dark flooring has become an increasingly popular choice and one that gives an excellent reflection of natural or synthetic light to those darker corners of the room if you choose a varnished option.

If you opt for a lighter flooring colour palette then you will expand your space tenfold – or so your guests may think. It’s all an illusion but that’s the magic of getting your flooring colour just right. Lighter flooring colours are amazing for creating a Scandinavian or Spa-like space.

Get a second opinion

Finding yourself struggling to decide? That’s what happens when you come across a unique find such as vinyl flooring. The options are limitless and can be made totally personal.

Amtico offer an unparalleled selection of high standard vinyl flooring for all rooms throughout your home. Spacia Stone being their most popular is bound to turn the heads of your guests. Luvanto is here to bring you illustrious border and layering patterns which give luxury and diversity to all areas of the home. Invictus can also offer replicable design patterns with easy installation and ability to work with other functions in your home such as underfloor heating.

If you want a flooring that work around you, whether your home is constantly filled with guests or it’s a comforting base for the whole family to come to, vinyl flooring is there to support your lifestyle as well as your imagination. 

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