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Dexter’s 3 Month Update

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Welcome to Dexter’s 3 month update:

    • Dexter is now moving freely in his cot, he rolls onto his side and onto his front and he’s able to get from one end to the other, into our bed and turn himself 180 degrees by scooching.
    • I’ve had one real life giggle from him when I was changing him this week and singing but he hasn’t repeated it since.
    • He also rolled from front to back this week during tummy time. I put him on his tummy and when he pushed up with one hand I rolled him myself. I then put him back and lay down on the floor opposite him and he did it again three times but all by himself. Not managed to get him to do it again yet though! He has rolled back to front and front to back from his cot onto our bed, however gravity and the bouncy bed definitely facilitated in that so it doesn’t really count.
  • Dexter drinks 6oz five times a day- 7.30am, 11, 2, 5 and 8. We started skipping the midnight feed this week and he has slept through.
  • He goes to sleep at 8ish and sleeps through until 7. Although he has been known to lie in til gone 9 and last Sunday I had to wake him up!
  • He had his 12 week injections this week and was a superstar!
  • This week he visited Skipton and screamed the car down so bad we had to pull over. We thought he wanted feeding but when we got him out of his car seat he just wanted a laugh and a play. After a few cuddles he went back in his car seat and off we went!
  • He loves his hands and they’re in his mouth constantly. He enjoys looking at them and reaching out to Daddy.
  • His favourite toy is still his jangly zebra but he also likes his firefly and his white jangly bear. I got him a foil blanket this week but he’s not too sure on that yet

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