• Dexter’s 2.5 Year Update

    20th November 2018

    This month my first born turns 2.5 years old and I just cannot believe how quickly the past two and a half years have gone by. I did an update on Dexter’s progress and development every month until he was two and thought now that he is two and a half it would be a…

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  • Dexter Turns Two: Reliving My Birth Story

    20th May 2018

    When I was pregnant, I had a huge fear of giving birth. If my husband could use one animal to describe me, it would definitely be a camel sticking her head in the sand. This is my coping mechanism. It got me through pregnancy; but every so often, I’d have a little panic.

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  • Dexter’s 23 Month Update

    21st April 2018

    We are one month away from Dexter turning two. TWO! The years are starting to fly by, never mind the months. What is new this month with my little cherub? I’ve got lots to tell you as always.

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  • Dexter’s 22 Month Update

    1st April 2018

    It’s been a real whirlwind of a month with Dexter changing beyond all recognition! I cannot believe how he has developed within the space of a few weeks; he is really turning into a little boy now instead of a baby.

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  • Dexter’s 21 Month Update

    2nd March 2018

    This past month has passed by in the blink of an eye. I can barely believe that we are at the end of February and spring is around the corner. The mornings are suddenly light and I no longer leave the house under a blanket of darkness and when I leave work nightfall hasn’t yet…

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  • I’ve Been Too Busy To Miss You

    22nd February 2018

    I’ve got used to always being on the go, to always being busy. My day starts at 6am when you wake up and shout ‘Ra-ra!‘ from your cot. I drag myself up from bed to put on the kettle, really needing that sweet hit of caffeine, put in my contact lenses and have a wee.

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  • Dexter’s 20 Month Update

    22nd January 2018

    Welcome to Dexter’s 20 month old milestones update. It’s been a funny old month; usually January seems to drag on and on, but this year it’s flown by so quickly I can hardly catch my breath. This is what is new with Dexter this month.

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