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8 Recipes To Try This Pancake Day

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Pancake Day is upon us once more! It is one of my favourite days of the year. I love that it is a great excuse to not bother eating a real meal for dinner/tea, but an opportunity to stuff our faces sort of guilt free with yummy sweet and savoury pancakes. I collated a list of my favourite pancake recipes for you to try this Shrove Tuesday.

  1. Banana Pancakes

    I love these pancakes because you only need two ingredients and they are so easy to make! Not only are they amazing to offer baby during their weaning journey, but the whole family can enjoy them too. 

  2. Sweet Potato Pancakes

    Similar to banana pancakes, this two ingredient recipe makes super healthy pancakes that are great for baby led weaning. What’s more, they taste pretty delicious.

  3. Banana and Oat Pancakes

    This recipe uses the principle of the simple banana pancake recipe but adds a few more extra ingredients to bulk it up and add a few bits of extra nutrition. Super easy to make and super yummy. 

  4. Scotch Pancakes

    I love traditional scotch pancakes and these ones taste absolutely divine. I would eat these for breakfast every morning if I could. They’re such an easy way to get some extra fruit into your diet as well.

  5. Protein Pancakes

    These gorgeous looking protein pancakes from Sarah at Run Jump Scrap taste amazing and are super duper healthy. It’s a win-win! See for yourself here. Whenever I make these, I like to use naked whey.

  6. Fluffy Pancakes

    Fluffy pancakes are my absolute favourite and Kim from OddHogg has a beautiful recipe that has been handed down from her Mum. The great things about these pancakes is you can add whatever type of topping you want and Kim has made a great list. Go and check it out here.

  7. Baked Pancake

    This baked pancake recipe makes making pancakes so easy, you don’t even need to flip it! Last year I was heavily pregnant and extremely hormonal and threw the frying pan in a rage when I couldn’t flip the pancake. Really could have done with knowing about baked pancakes then! This recipe is baby led weaning friendly, but feel free to add as much sugar as you want, Shrove Tuesday only comes around once a year after all.

  8. Nutella Covered Pancakes

    Did you know that a pancake has to have baking powder in it, otherwise it is a crepe? No, nor me, until I read I Am Crabstix’s hilarious pancake recipe. WARNING. This recipe is neither baby led weaning nor SW friendly, but it will make you giggle.

What pancakes are you going to try this pancake day? Let me know if you try any of these pancake recipes out today and what you think.

A collection of my favourite pancake recipes including banana, sweet potato, scotch, protein, fluffy and baked. Here you'll find the perfect recipe for Shrove Tuesday

Share this post with your friends!

Dr. Elise Ho

Tuesday 6th of March 2018

Yum, yum, and yum some more. I want to try several of these.


Friday 16th of February 2018

Great recipes! We love pancakes and definitely ate our fair share of them this week haha #KCACOLS


Saturday 17th of February 2018

Same! Don't think I can face another pancake for at least another year!

Carolynne @ Mummy Endeavours

Wednesday 14th of February 2018

Some great suggestions there. I always go for the traditional lemon and sugar because I love it so much! My kids like Nutella haha x #kcacols


Saturday 17th of February 2018

Who doesn't love Nutella!


Wednesday 14th of February 2018

I still follow a recipe I cut out of a newspaper about 15 years ago! This year I tried Nutella for the first time and it has changed my life! #KCACOLS


Saturday 17th of February 2018

Sounds like the newspaper had nailed their recipe. I must admit, until I started weaning, I had no idea how many varieties of pancakes there were.

Kate Eccles

Saturday 10th of February 2018

These all sound fantastic, I will be making American style pancakes, maybe with blueberries. Also I make dairy free pancakes for my little boy using coconut milk and spread. We LOVE pancake day :) Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and we do hope you can join us again next time. Kate x


Sunday 11th of February 2018

Pancake Day is the best isn't it?!