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Baby Led Weaning Yogurt Bark Recipe

Baby Led Weaning Yogurt Bark Recipe

At seven months old, Dex wasn’t quite ready for a pre-loaded spoon and I didn’t really want to spoon feed him yogurt (which kind of goes against baby led weaning principles) so I made this yummy baby led weaning yogurt bark instead. This is an easy way of getting baby to eat yogurt as well as sneaking in a bit of fruit.



I greased a freezer safe pot and lined it with baking paper. To grease it, I sprayed the pot with Fry-light, this, for me, is the easiest way to grease pots and pans.

greek yoghurt placed in baking paper ready to freeze

Next, I poured in a tub of natural yoghurt (small size), spread it out evenly in the pot using the back of my spoon and then threw in some red currents and blueberries. (I had a pack of frozen summer fruits stored in my freezer which cost £2 from Tesco.)

greek yoghurt in baking paper with added frozen fruits ready to make baby led weaning yogurt bark

I then left it overnight in the freezer. When I came back to it, I let it sit on the worktop for a few minutes, to defrost slightly, before peeling it out of the paper. I placed it on a chopping board and hit it with a knife until it broke into small, finger sized pieces. (Be very careful!)

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baby led weaning yogurt bark broken up into pieces on a purple plate

Did Dex Enjoy the Baby Led Weaning Yogurt Bark?

Voilà. Yummy baby led weaning yogurt bark. Dex found these very easy to pick up but they didn’t stay in his hands for long, probably because they are so cold. As he put the pieces in his mouth, the yoghurt just melted which I loved: finger food without the worry of choking.

dexter sat in his highchair with a piece of yogurt bark in his mouth

The natural yogurt was very tart so I’d be inclined to try Greek yoghurt next time or maybe a flavoured yoghurt. (I am wary of added sugar so if you have a recommendation for a healthy fruity yoghurt, let me know!) I bet these would be great for babies who are suffering with teething pain and I plan to try these with Dex next time he’s grouchy.

Let me know if you try them out. For more baby led weaning recipes click here


  1. Lucy's Locket
    5th December 2016 / 1:29 pm

    These look perfect for the Australian summer! I’ll give these a go too 🙂
    I found natural yoghurt to be too tart too (shame as I bought a whole tub of it!) I’ve been using lite vanilla or no added sugar kids yoghurts but I’d prefer something less flavoured. I might try Greek with cinnamon spice or some other spice to mix it up a bit.

  2. Amanda
    16th April 2019 / 3:24 am

    Hi there! Such a nice write-up, thank you!

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