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Handy Tech for Working Mums

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Technology has had a positive impact on most aspects of life and nowadays we manage to get things done a lot more quickly and efficiently because of it. There are many ways to have fun with gadgets that are not only handy but also satisfying to use. There are big and small gadgets to buy for yourself and your home, with a varying price range of course! Here are some examples of new tech that no working mum should be without. 

Fit watches

Juggling both your job and your kids, it can be difficult if not impossible to keep on top of your fitness as well, and these handy, yet elegant watches can do all that for you, well not the exercise that is. They tend to have similar settings depending on the brand but usually count your steps, measure your sleep patterns and heart rate, along with various other personal metrics. One of the most popular brands is fitbit.  

Smart phones, why not smart mugs?

With the many distractions going on in your house, it’s impossible to ever finish a cup of tea. But, don’t worry! A smart mug can keep your hot drink heated to the temperature you choose. The have a long lasting battery and if not, usually come with a charger in the form of a coaster. It might not sound lifesaving but after constantly going back to a cold cup after only the first sip it would definitely be an improvement, maybe one for Mother’s day. 

Portable Massager

Perhaps another one for the birthday present list but definitely a must for those of you whose shoulders ache from carrying brief-cases to babies. You can get very high-tech ones nowadays but there’s a wide price range, depending how much you, or your kids want to spend. New models can even send a “pulse” in order to kill pain. 

Tablets and other portable devices

It’s the most practical way to read, check the weather, look at your emails, organise your diary, using lightweight tablets at home is often the most convenient for working moms. Whether you tend to use an e-reader, or a tablet, both are the more practical option. Using devices such as your phone or your tablet, it is now possible to control everything in your home. It’s a God send! The development of IOT and remote monitoring has been developed so that you are able to adjust your heating, alarms, and many more, from an app on your phone. There are plenty of companies that offer the service to up date your house to the year 2020 with IOT technology, and you’ll be switching the heating on from your car in no time. Read more here


Here are just a few fun examples of some gadgets, and technological upgrades, to keep you and your home up to date. You can see there are many time wasting devices available and you’ll never drink cold tea again.

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