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How A Garden Room Can Fit Your Garden Space

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If you are lucky enough to have a garden with your property, then you will know how difficult it is to imagine how something will appear in your garden space. With lots of different features that can impose on your plans, like stubborn tree roots, shrubbery and existing patios or paving, it can be hard not to get overwhelmed when thinking about redesigning your garden. However, having a garden room in your garden need not be overwhelming, as it can be built to fit your garden in several different ways.

While garden spaces are a great addition to a home, they can sometimes be unloved, unused and unattractive. If you find your garden more of a chore than a blessing, then a garden room can be a great way of repurposing your garden space into something more useful. For example, if you have a section of unloved garden, which typically just grows weeds and takes up your time looking after it, you could have a garden room that uses the space much more effectively. 

With a Hawksbeck Garden Room, your garden room is bespoke to your needs, and can be any size you like. Your garden room can be a small singular unit, which is perfect for storage, or as an outhouse for a working office, gym, or meditation space. Or, if you want to cover more ground or need more space than a singular room, you can have multiple rooms including a kitchen, a utility room, or a bathroom. By turning your unloved garden space into a practical new space, you will add value to your property and reduce the time you spend maintaining your garden. 

If you have an inconveniently placed focal feature of your garden, like a tree or fountain, your garden room can be built around it. You can have an L-shaped garden room that is constructed around the feature, creating an interesting new space that mitigates the need for expensive tree removals. Having an L-shaped garden room can be a great way of creating a unique space that is fragmented, for example with a bedroom in the L-section and a main living area in the main section. This can help to add more privacy in your garden room, and make the unit feel more interesting and homely than a singular block garden room. 

If you are considering a garden room in your garden space, the Hawksbeck Garden Rooms team also offer a variety of garden landscaping services. You can have a beautiful patio area around your garden room for a barbeque space, outdoor seating area or even a hot tub! Alongside this, the team can also install any fencing or steps required around your garden room, for added privacy and protection. 

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