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How To Earn A Little Extra Cash From Home In Time For Christmas

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The countdown to Christmas has begun. Shops are stocking up their shelves with festive treats. The high street is glistening with sparkling lights and clothes. Card shops have their seasonal greeting cards on display.

Whilst this time of year is renowned for being a season filled with joy and time spent with loved ones, there is one concern that many households share. The fear of being financially stable during this festive period. Many households will set budgets and limit how much they can spend on their presents, food and anything else. However, even with these budgets in place, some households can still struggle.

All of the additional costs for Christmas, such as presents, cards, food and more, can all quickly add up. With the average household spending a little over £2,500 in a month at Christmas. On average, we spend almost £740 more in December compared to other months. Understandably, many will want to know if there is a way to earn a little extra at home to help them through the costly festive season.

If you are looking to earn some extra money in time for Christmas, here are a few things that could help you to boost your budget. Many of these can be for the festive period and also all year round.

Refer A Friend

Many businesses offer to refer a friend scheme, allowing you to earn money from home simply by referring a friend to a product or service. Refer a friend or refer and earn programmes can be a great way to boost your income and earn cash online.

Some banks offer a welcome incentive, where switching to a better bank account could earn you £100. As the banking market is brimming with fierce competition, it means many banks are offering enticing incentives to encourage you to switch banks.

For instance, if you were considering choosing a more affordable mobile plan this winter, you may look at SIM-only provider, Lebara. Aside from offering a selection of SIM-only plans, they also have the Lebara refer a friend programme, which is an easy way to earn cash online. Switching to this provider means you can get an affordable phone plan in time for the new year whilst earning money from home in time for Christmas.

Sell Belongings That You No Longer Use

As Christmas rapidly approaches, it is also a reminder that we are at the end of another year. For many, a new year means new beginnings. Others see it as a time to start new. Take the time to go through your belongings and see if you have any unwanted items.

There are online marketplaces available where you can sell household items, such as furniture, books, games, (board games and computer games), toys, CDs and DVDs. You can also sell the clothes that you no longer wear. Aside from clearing your home from unused items, you are also making a profit from the sales made from each thing sold.

By getting onto selling any unused or unwanted potential early, you can maximise your opportunity for a sale.

Consider Selling Your Homemade Crafts

It does not have to be unused items that you sell online. If you are into your arts and crafts, you may want to consider selling your homemade items online too. Selling handcrafted items online has never been easier, with numerous places available to list your items. When thinking about making money in time for Christmas, consider some things that people might be looking to purchase. It could be a festive-themed present for a loved one, that they want to be unique and handcrafted.

Recycling Items For Cash

Aside from selling unwanted clothes online, you can also use cash for clothes companies. These businesses often purchase a selection of items, the amount is decided depending on the weight of the clothes in kilos combined. The amount that you are paid, and the items accepted, will vary depending on the company that you choose to go with.

Paid For Your Opinion

Most companies and public organisations need to test, talk about and have their products or ideas tested by members of the public. Having this need for opinions from the public can provide you with a great opportunity to cash in. It could be filling out online surveys about a product or offering your views on a certain topic. After completing the online survey, the survey sites add cash or other rewards to your account. Most survey sites do not pay a lot for completing the questionnaires. However, if you are looking for just a little extra money, they are a great source of extra income.

Look Into Online Services

Offering one-off services, such as freelance writing, graphic design, or even data entry can be a great way to earn a little extra money for the holidays. The great benefit of offering these one-off services is that you have more flexibility in completing the tasks. You can compare your lifestyle with the deadlines of when the job needs to be completed. Then you can choose to decide if you can finish it in time. If you have a talent or specialised skill set to sell, it can be a great way to earn some extra money to help you cover the costs of your Christmas celebrations.

The Bottom Line

If you require extra cash for Christmas, there are various ways to make a little extra money for the festive season. Aside from making money at home, many retail shops often ask for seasonal staff to help them through the busy winter months.

Having this extra source of income during the most expensive time of the year could help you have a merry Christmas, one where you are worried about your financial situation. Instead, you can enjoy the festive celebrations with your loved ones. Additionally, many of these routes can be done throughout the year, making them a great source of income all year round.

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