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How Keeping Indoor Plants Can Benefit Your Mental Well Being 

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In the hustle and bustle of today’s fast-paced world, managing our mental health should be a high priority. The daily use of technology and the travel to and from work can cause a great deal of stress affecting how you manage your stress levels.

Research has shown that green spaces and spending a lot of time in nature help to reduce stress and improve mood, cognitive abilities, and overall well-being.

But a lot of people do not live in or near green spaces. So, what can you do?

How about bringing the green space into your home? Getting plants or a plant into your home or office space is not a huge commitment. But the benefit it packs is immense. The simple presence of a houseplant in your inside space has enormous emotional and physiological benefits that can help you live, work, and thrive better.

The following are the reasons you should consider getting indoor plants ASAP:

A Boost Of Creativity

Taking the time to maintain plants not only brings you a sense of accomplishment. It can also spring up a well of creativity in you. For example, some people keep plants for their cooking purposes, and perhaps there is no greater satisfaction than snipping up a piece of your own plant to prepare a dish to feed yourself and your family.

Also, being around plants reduces stress levels and, as such, helps you think better, igniting creativity within you. However, choosing the right houseplants that suit your home can be tricky. This is why it’s best to shop for indoor plants from reliable stores like The Stem. They’re an excellent plant company with a collection of indoor plants that can help you feel better at home. 

Recharge Mental Energy

Keeping indoor plants around your home can aid in physical and mental healing. During your normal daily activities, your mental energy may get depleted. This is where indoor plants come in. Houseplants help to refresh your mind and boost memory retention.

The sight of a plant in this setting can serve as a source of interest, a diversion, and a means of recharging your mental and physical energy levels. Plants have a “restorative” impact on humans, which includes a plethora of favourable outcomes, including renewed pleasant emotions and enhanced productivity, creativity, and attention span.

It Helps You Connect With Nature

As the years go by, more and more people spend less and less time outdoors. About 90% of a typical British person’s day is spent indoors, meaning that many people are missing out on the benefits of spending time outdoors. What houseplants do is to bring the outdoors to you, acting as a stand-in to being in natural green spaces. Indoor plants allow you to bring nature back into your life.

Your Air Quality Improves

Plants release moisture and add humidity to the air through the processes of transpiration and evapotranspiration. This is a blessing if you live in a drier area or are living through winter. The better air quality inadvertently improves your mood and mental well-being, so double benefits in this regard. Since humans and plants are naturally connected, humans need them to live, and vice versa. Through the process of photosynthesis, plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Humans need the oxygen they release. So, it makes sense to be as close to each other as possible. 

Plants Bring The Outdoors Inside

Most people spend so much time indoors and in enclosed spaces too. The odds are that you start to feel suffocated after a while. In such a case, plants can bring you a feeling of escape. Therefore, buying plants can be an innovative way to decorate your home and serve as a mental relief from stress.

Houseplants Make You Happier

A walk in the park can do amazing things for your mental health if you are feeling stressed or down. But what if you cannot take a walk in the park because of work commitments or an illness? How about you talk a walk around your indoor plants? You get the same results, becoming happier and freer.

So, Where Do You Get Started?

Now that you know how indoor plants can improve your mental well-being, how do you get started? The idea is to start small because even one house plant in your life will only require minimum maintenance but can make a huge difference. 

Here is a curated list of low-maintenance plants you might want to get started with:

  • Kentia Palm: This robust yet attractive plant with strappy, dark green foliage might make a statement in your house. It can grow to 3m tall without much care.
  • Snake Plant: The snake plant will survive in the hands of a very inexperienced gardener. Its stiff, pointy leaves in variegated greens offer an exotic impression for indoor gardens.
  • Spider Plant: These plants’ fountains of pale green variegated leaves are great for novices. First, avoid direct sunlight. Never let compost get soggy.
  • Peace Lily: This is a good indoor plant for folks who forget to water. It has glossy green leaves and white folded flowers.

Houseplants can be the perfect way to reinvigorate your home and make it feel like a safe and relaxing sanctuary. Use this article and the suggestions in it to understand the benefits of houseplants on your mental well-being and how you can start your dream collection. 

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