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How the Book “The Hate U Give” Can Affect the Worldview of a Student

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Book writers focus on bringing out a specific theme to readers. The theme is expected to immerse the reader into an entirely different world. A certain type of book can help a reader forget all challenges. A different type of book can make them hate the world or love it. 

One of the books that can change your worldview is “The Hate U Give.” Angie Thomas uses colloquial language when presenting the unfolding story. She wrote as if she was speaking directly to a friend. She creatively brings out varying emotions throughout the story.

A brief overview of the story

The story revolves around Starr Carter. She is only 16 years old and Black American. One evening, she takes her childhood friend to a party. They hear gunshots and flee to Khalil’s car. Shortly after, the police pull them over. They murder Khalil as Carter is watching. This triggers a fury in her. She is not sure about what to do. 

She is torn between speaking or staying quiet. The author develops the story very well. She presents the characters in a way that keeps the reader hooked. The story is both upsetting and worrying. Apart from following a great story, this book easily changes the reader’s perspective. 

Reading different books can help you change your worldview. You can decide to take a unique action to help bring a change. One of the actions is to write. You may write books, stories, or essays. The information you read can help you understand better what you want to write. One of the ways to get inspired is to investigate The Hate You Give essays on the EduZaurus website. The essays are free for students. You can get more examples on almost every topic if you visit the website. 

Relating the book with other recent events

Police brutality against African Americans has remained a thorny issue in the US. The book The Hate U Give was published in 2017. This was about three years before George Floyd was murdered by police. Like Khalil, Floyd was never taken to be tried in court. The book The Hate U Give had been read widely by the Floyd was murdered. 

A lot of people who had read the book could easily relate it to this new incident. The book is read widely in colleges today. The students relate the book with other events like George Floyd’s. This has strong effects on the students’ minds. They could view the world negatively. They might view the world as biased and unfair.

Refocusing one’s view of the world

In the past, educationists didn’t teach students real issues of racism. Unfortunately, students learned racism from their parents. They could hear their parents talk negatively about certain races or colors. Some of the kids became police officers when they grew up. It was hard to depart from what they had learned when they were kids. 

Today, books such as The Hate U Give are widely used in schools. They expose students to realities about life. They come to understand that police brutality and racism are real. Probably they might have unconsciously practiced the vice. At first, the police insisted Khalil was bearing a weapon. Surprisingly, investigations revealed it was only a brush. If due law was followed, it was the court that was supposed to prove him guilty. 

Reading this book can change a student’s negative worldview into a positive one. These are the students who were taught that a certain race or color is evil. Exposing them to this book helps them see the side they were never told about. 

Using a different method to voice out your concerns

Carter had a burning issue that she could no longer keep silent. She looked for a way to voice it out. Her best solution was to narrate her experiences in a book. Before Khalil was murdered, other police brutalities were still happening. Since they didn’t touch Carter directly, she didn’t see the need to speak. 

Many times, people don’t show concern for wrongs in society. They keep silent because it doesn’t directly touch them. The book The Hate U Give can change this type of individual. They can stand and speak out against injustices even if they don’t directly concern them. 


Different types of people view the world differently. The way they view it depends on the way they were brought up. It could also depend on the comfort zone they are in. Reading books can change one’s perspective. They can view the world differently and take the right action. The book The Hate U Give is about a teenage African American girl. She watched her friend Khalil murdered by police. This action changed her worldview. 

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