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How to Decorate Your Kid’s Room

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In a stress-free way might I add. If you are thinking of decorating or redecorating your child’s bedroom but need a little guidance or a helping hand on how to do it perfectly, I’ve got you covered. After all, their bedroom is not only the place where they sleep, it’s a play area, study area and the main hub of all their toys. I’ve put together some tips on how to create a functional space that your kids will love, so keep on reading!

It’s okay to ask for help

First and foremost, if you are thinking of grabbing the bull by its horns and by that, I mean to tackle this redecoration all by yourself, think again. It’s okay to do all the planning and then leave the hefty work for the professionals whilst you enjoy some good ol’ family time.

If you leave in and around London, call the London handyman business, The Handy Squad. They have been giving room makeovers to rooms all across London for years, so they know what they’re doing! Plus, all of their workers are professional, polite, CRB checked.

Get them involved

It’s their room, so let them have a say. Do they want bright colours on the walls or maybe wallpaper of stars all around? If they are not sure, why not browse together for some children bedroom ideas on Pinterest? It’s my favourite place for inspiration!

Once you’re ready to start decorating, if your kid is old enough, let them help with some of it. As House Beautiful mentions, not only will your child be helping get the job done, but they will also learn some valuable skills. And, “if it does go wrong, at least it’s their bedroom and not the master suite.”

Felix's bedroom with grey and turquoise mountains on the wall, a big white cot and turquoise curtains

Keep it simple

No need to complicate things. Children change their mind quite often, so maybe they are into dinosaurs now but in a few years (or maybe months) they might be more into superheroes and want their room décor changed accordingly. The easiest way to deal with their ever-changing and evolving taste is to choose flexible furnishings and wall colours.

Think kid-friendly

It’s important to see their room in their eyes. This article on Spruce recommends imagining that you’re three feet tall. This way you’ll think about easy-access shelves and furniture which they can reach without a hassle.

Storage, storage and more storage.

You’ll need to find space to store all their games, toys, books and clothes in one room, so choose multi-purpose storage furniture or furniture that can double your storage space, including hooks, storage crates and more. In a kids’ room where storage is paramount, it’s essential to select furniture that can efficiently accommodate their games, toys, books, and clothing. Opt for multi-purpose storage solutions and furniture that can maximize your available space, such as incorporating hooks, storage crates, and more into the room’s design. Explore options like BedKingdom’s kids beds to find versatile pieces that can help streamline storage and keep the room organized.

Share this post with your friends!